Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management

The Division of Management's Graduate Certificate Healthcare Management is designed for working professionals in administration, reimbursement, or management roles in healthcare organizations. This is a popular program for those who are looking for a way to gain more healthcare-focused business skills. The practical 24-credit certificate program provides an overview of the financial, policy, organizational and operational environment of healthcare-related enterprises, giving the student focused skills for designing and managing organizations engaged in the delivery of healthcare.

All of the courses in the certificate program transfer directly into the M.S. in Healthcare Management Degree. Some Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management classes may also transfer into the OHSU/PSU MBA in Healthcare Management. Please consult with the Division prior to registration. Students who have already earned a traditional MBA may also be interested in taking the graduate certificate in Healthcare Management in order to gain more healthcare specific management skills.
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Master of Science in Healthcare Management

This 52-credit program is geared toward those working on the front lines of management in the healthcare industry. The program focuses on learning and applying management techniques in the workplace. Many of our students have come to realize that they need additional training in order to be more effective in their jobs or to make a bigger impact on their industry. By taking coursework in the M.S. in Healthcare Management Degree they are on their way to realizing those goals and this program is particularly attractive to working professionals who wish to take classes at their own pace. Students choose from an array of highly applied courses that are relevant to their career goals, and take those courses at times that fit into their working lives. Students are required to attend classes two weekends per term; the rest of the coursework is offered in an online format. 

The M.S. in Healthcare Management is also an option for professionals from other industries who want to segue into healthcare fields. Like the MBA program, the Master of Science in Healthcare Management finishes with a Capstone course in which students create business plans for real healthcare organizations.

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The Healthcare MBA

While some Master of Business Administration programs touch briefly on the healthcare industry, this program – the only one of its kind in Oregon -- concentrates specifically on healthcare. It combines the strength of OHSU's experience in the healthcare industry with Portland State University's School of Business Administration to form a unique program designed for anyone with management responsibilities in healthcare and related industries. Students include clinicians with management responsibilities (physicians, nurses, dentists, etc.), business managers (finance, operations, marketing, etc.) and managers from research, medical insurance and the biotechnology industries.

This 72-credit, part-time program starts each fall. Students complete all coursework together over a three-year period through a combination of online and on-campus learning. Students will finish their degree with a Capstone course in which they will work in a real healthcare organization and implement the kinds of business efficiencies they learned in their coursework.