Our Students

Josh Gustafson

Meet Josh Gustafson

We recently connected with MBA graduate (2014) Josh Gustafson to learn more about his experience in The Healthcare MBA. He shared with us how his experiences in the program helped to advance his career after graduation and prepare him for advanced leadership roles within the healthcare industry.  Josh truly embodies the characteristics that we look for in our Healthcare MBA graduates and is a prime example of someone using their degree to make positive changes within healthcare. Read More

Laura Riddell

Meet Laura Riddell

Laura Riddell, a recent graduate of both the Certificate and Master of Science in Healthcare Management programs, is a shining example of the personal transition that is possible when you complete a graduate degree in healthcare management. She recently shared her educational story with us and explained why she decided to pursue a graduate degree in healthcare management and how it has changed her life. Read More

Alex Krach web photo

Meet Alex Krach

Alex Krach, a current student in the Certificate in Healthcare Management program, recently shared with us his educational experience.  As a bedside healthcare provider, Alex shared what spurred his decision to start the certificate program and encapsulated his experience so far in this statement, "I think this is a place where students can thrive and go on to do great things. The program is challenging but you never feel alone-the support of the organization is amazing." Read More

Carolyne Mukulo-Achienza

Meet Carolyne Mukulo-Achienza

As a current Master of Science in Healthcare Management student, Carolyne Mukulo is a present-day example of how our graduate students are making personal and professional changes within the healthcare industry. Carolyne, who moved to the United States from Kenya, did not plan on being in healthcare originally but has found it to be a fulfilling experience in which she has seen significant career growth. Like many of our students, Carolyne is also a mother, wife, and full-time employee at OHSU who is successfully balancing life while still obtaining a graduate degree. Read More