GEN 569/669 Scholarship Skills

This course will make you a better scholar, and a better professional in non-academic venues. It will make you a better writer, a better presenter, and a better reviewer. The course concentrates on your written and oral exposition skills, and also discusses effective reading. You will learn more about both the production and consumption of media used by computer scientists and biomedical engineers to communicate today.

You will learn to write conference and journal articles and theses, and get some tips on effective reading. You will learn how to be an effective reviewer for journals and conferences. You will listen to and deliver oral presentations. You will learn how to prepare yourself for a job hunt in academia or industry when you graduate.


CS 568/668 Empirical Research Methods

This course introduces principles of experimental design for empirical research. Topics include the goals and logic of experimental design, research paradigms, levels of measurement, types and attributes of variables, basic elements of experimental design, agreement, reliability, validity, and ethical considerations. Other topics vary from year to year and may include detection theory, item response theory, and experimental design for Amazon Mechanical Turk. The course is fundamental for anyone who plans to conduct independent research or needs to evaluate critically the research of others.

CS/EE 506/606 Faculty Research

Weekly seminars in which faculty present their research work.