CDCB & OCSSB Joint Retreat

Abstract Booklet (TBD)

RFA for pilot project funding (TBD)


CDCB and OCSSB 2nd Annual Joint Retreat 

August 12-13, 2015

Skamania Lodge 

1131 SW Skamania Lodge Way 

Stevenson, WA

Event registration, poster set-up and Audio/Visual set-up will start at TBD. The program will commence promptly at TBD, so please leave yourself enough time to sign in, put your poster up and/or get some breakfast! A schedule of events is included at the back of this package.

Program - draft and session titles to come


In addition to presentations from both the CDCB and OCSSB groups, and a student/postdoc session, we will hear progress reports from past developmental pilot project recipients. To encourage and foster collaborative projects between technology and science again, two addition pilot projects will be awarded. A poster session is also planned. Time for interactions will be built into the schedule.


Please print your poster to a 3x4’ size. Posters should be hung in TBD at arrival Skamania, pins will be available. You are expected to be present at your poster during the one-hour poster session on TBD of the retreat.
Researchers selected for ePoster presentations will be informed on TBD.
You may convert your poster to a dynamic ePoster using one of two mechanisms:

1) construct a short pptx presentation walking through the salient data on your poster.


2) Using Prezi (free for academics)
Please view this link for converting your pptx to a dynamic ePoster. (save as portable format) and-how-do-i-make-one
or by visiting the Prezi website

Talks should not be more than 4 minutes in length, a strict adherence to this will be made. (i.e. not more than 4-5 slides). Presentations should be uploaded ahead of time. Please contact for more information on uploading.


Talks should be no longer than 10 minutes. We recommend no more than 10 slides. A final slide titled “CDCB/OCCSB pilot project proposal” should be included as the last slide to outline an exciting collaborative proposal for consideration of the pilot funds being offered.


Skamania Lodge is about 60 minutes East of Portland. The most direct route is to take I-84 East and cross over the Bridge of the Gods at the Cascade Locks Hwy/US30/Wa Na Pa St exit. There is a toll of $1.00 to cross this bridge.
Skamania map - main route


An alternate route is to take I-84 East to I-205 North. Cross I-205 into Vancouver and head East on Highway 14.

Skamania map - alt route

For more information on the property and all of the activities offered there, please see


Retreat Schedule

Wednesday, August 12

Thursday, August 13

Schedule TBD 


503 341-5498