Richard Maurer, Ph.D.

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Emeritus Professor

Office: RJH 5526 | 503 494-7566
Lab: RJH 5566 | 503 494-7624
Research Interests
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1969     B.S., University of California, Irvine
1973     Ph.D., University of California, Davis


1977 – 1981         Assistant Professor of Physiology, University of Iowa
1981 – 1985         Associate Professor of Physiology, University of Iowa
1985 – 1993         Professor of Physiology, University of Iowa
1993 – Present     Professor, CDB, OHSU

Selected Publications

Howard, P.W., S.F. Jue and R.A. Maurer.  Expression of the Synaptotagmin I Gene is Enhanced by Binding of the Pituitary-Specific Transcription Factor, POU1F1.  Molecular Endocrinology 23, 1563-1571, 2009. Download

Howard, P.W., T.L. Howard and R.A. Maurer.  Generation of Mice with a Conditional Allele for Ift172.  Transgenic Research 19, 121-126, 2010. Download

Howard, P.W., S.F. Jue, D.G. Ransom and R.A. Maurer.  Regulation of LIM-domain binding 1 protein expression by ubiquitination.  Biochemical Journal 429, 127-136, 2010. Download

Howard, P.W., D.G. Ransom and R.A. Maurer.  Transcription intermediary factor-1g decreases protein expression of the transcriptional cofactor, LIM-Domain-Binding 1.  Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 396, 674-678, 2010. Download