Membership Benefits

OCSSB membership is comprised of multi-disciplinary researchers, scientists and clinicians from a variety of OHSU departments, partner institutions and industry who seek to address the most pressing and important biomedical questions in cancer, neurobiology, cardiovascular disease and immunology and infectious disease.

Members receive regular communications about the center’s research, funding and educational opportunities.


Additional benefits:

  • FEI Living Lab - iCorr procedure development
  • Access to pilot project funding
  • Opportunities for multi-disciplinary, multi-departmental and multi-institutional collaboration
  • Priority use of CLSB conference rooms and facilities
  • Regular seminar series

How to Join

Please complete and submit the online application and supporting documents. New applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. For more information about OCSSB affiliation, please contact

Membership Requirements

  • Sponsorship by a current OCSSB member
  • Evidence of participation in collaborative research projects
  • Regular participation in meetings/seminars

OCSSB Research Interests

  1. Cancer
  2. Neurobiology
  3. Cardiovascular disease
  4. Immunology & Infectious disease

Research focus areas:

  1. Genome science to elucidate details of normal and aberrant genome form and function
  2. Four-dimensional measurement technologies enabling imaging at scales ranging from Angstroms to cm
  3. Reporter chemistry and cell and tissue engineering to enable visualization and quantitative analysis of specific molecular machines in cells, tissue and living animals
  4. Multiparameter data management, visualization and modeling
  5. Development of laboratory disease models that capture the complexity and diversity of human disease function in anatomic context