2012 BioMedicine in 4D Conference

Integrated -omics and Systems Microscopy: Turning images and models into therapeutic targets

March 21-23 in the OHSU Old Library

Integrated, systems biology approaches, including modeling of organization and dynamics at the tissue, cellular, and molecular level, open new horizons in biomedicine. With robust standardization and validation, the methods will enable an integration of experimental results across equipment and over a range of scales. The combined -omics, imaging, and modeling promises to deliver a spatio-temporal blueprint of the molecular machinery, and, relevant to the clinic, better therapeutic targets. Are we ready to put the "parts list" together? Join us for a timely discussion.

General information

The 2012 BioMedicine in 4D symposium will be held March 21-23 at Oregon Health & Science University, in Portland, Oregon, with 2 keynote addresses, the first given by Dr. Brian Druker on March 22, and the second given by Dr. Stephen Quake on March 23. Sessions will explore integration of -omics with new and developing microscopy techniques, expanded role of modeling, and translation of the new approaches into therapies.

A Shared Resource Colloquium: "Towards better integrated visualization and characterization" will be held on March 21st. Plenary sessions of "Integrated –omics and Systems Microscopy" will be held March 22-23. In the evening of March 22 is a combined dinner and poster session. Attendance at conference presentations is free and open to the public, and walk-ins are encouraged. Though registration is not required for attending talks, a $35 registration is required for lunches.

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