Theoretical & Computational Neuroscience

The theoretical neuroscience group in BME seeks to develop mathematical methods, both analytical and numerical, to aid in our understanding of the nervous system. Methods are applied to all levels of biological systems, from the molecular to the behavioral. A research program is presently underway to analyze the neural dynamics that result from spike-timing dependent synaptic plasticity. Since the timing relations of biological learning rules result from molecular events at the synapse, this line of research helps to link the implications of dynamics at the molecular level, through dynamics at the network level, to the behavior of whole organisms.

Contributions of Computational Neuroscience to Auditory Electrophysiology

Todd Leen
Patrick Roberts
Matt Frerking
Laurence Trussell

Gerardo Lafferriere, Dept Applied Math and Statistics, Portland State University
Christine Portfors, School of Biological Sciences, Washington State University, Vancouver