Xubo Song

Xubo song

Phone: 503 346-3762
Fax: 503 346-3754

Current Appointments
Research Associate Professor

Gaines Hall, Room 114

Research Areas
Center for Spoken Language Understanding


Research Interests
Digital image and video processing; statistical pattern recognition; machine learning; sensor fusion; computer vision; information theory; biomedical engineering.

Selected Publications

  • G. Wang, M. Pavel, X. Song, "Robust Recognition Based on Combination of Weak Classifiers," International Joint Conference of Neural Networks, July 2003.
  • X. Song, Y.S. Abu-Mostafa, J. Sill, H.L. Kasdan and M. Pavel, "Image Recognition by Fusion of Contextual Information," Information Fusion Journal 3, 277-287, 2002.
  • A. Adami, K. Yang, X. Song, M. Pavel and D. Dirschl, "Model-based Image Processing and Analysis for Fracture Classification," The Second Joint Meeting of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) and the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), 2002.
  • X. Song, Y. Abu-Mostafa, J. Sill and H. Kasdan, "Image Recognition in Context: Application to Microscopic Urinalysis," in Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, S.A. Solla, T.K. Leen, and K.R. Muller (eds.), MIT Press, pp. 963-969, 2000.
  • X. Song, Y. Abu-Mostafa, J. Sill and H. Kasdan, "Incorporating Contextual Information into White Blood Cell Image Recognition," in Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, M.I. Jordan, M.J. Kearns, and S.A. Solla (eds.), MIT Press, pp. 950-956, 1998.
  • Y. Abu-Mostafa, and X. Song, "Bin Model for Neural Networks," in Proceedings of the International Conference on Neural Information Processing, S. Amari, L. Xu, L. Chan, I. King, and K. Leung (eds.), Springer, pp. 169-173, 1996.