Sunjong Kwon

Sunjong Kwon

Phone: 503 494-3012
Fax: 503 494-3688

Current Appointment
Research Assistant Professor

Biomedical Research Building, Rm #540
Mail Code: L346JG
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd., Portland, OR 97239

M.S., Yonsei University
Ph.D., University of Connecticut Health Center
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Harvard Medical School

Research Area
OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine

Research Interests
1. Quantitative imaging of individual mRNAs and proteins in breast cancer cells
2. siRNA screening of tyrosine kinome on Akt signaling

Selected Publications
  • Kwon, S., Christian, J.L. (2011) Sortilin associates with transforming growth factor-beta family proteins to enhance lysosome-mediated degradation. J Biol Chem. 286, 21876-21885.
  • Sopory, S., Kwon S., Wehrli M., Christian J.L. (2010) Regulation of Dpp activity by tissue-specific cleavage of an upstream site within the prodomain. Dev Biol. 346(1):102-12.
  • Munro, TM*, Kwon, S.* (*equal first authorship), Schnapp, B.J., St Johnston, D. (2006) A repeated IMP-binding motif controls oskar mRNA translation and anchoring independently of Drosophila melanogaster IMP. J Cell Biol. 172, 577-588.
  • Kwon, S., Abramson, T., Munro, T., John, C., Köhrmann, M., Schnapp, B.J. (2002) UUCAC- and vera-dependent localization of VegT RNA in Xenopus oocytes. Curr Biol. 12:558-564.
  • Kwon, S., Schnapp, B.J. (2001) RNA Localization: Shedding light on the RNA-motor linkage. Curr Biol. 11:R166-R168.