Owen McCarty

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Current Appointments
Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor, Department of Cell & Development Biology

Center for Health and Healing
Mail code: CH13B
3303 SW Bond Avenue, Rm #13033

Ph.D., Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2002
B.S., Chemical Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1997

Research Area(s)
Cardiovascular Research
Thrombosis and Hemostasis
Vascular Biology and Vascular Tissue Engineering

Dr. McCarty received his Ph.D in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering from Johns Hopkins University with dissertation work focused on the role of platelets in cancer metastasis and thrombosis. As a Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellow, he continued his research in the area of thrombosis, examining the signaling pathways governing platelet cytoskeletal reorganization, at the Department of Pharmacology, Oxford University and Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Birmingham, UK.

Research Interests
Dr. McCarty's research is focused on understanding the interplay between cell biology and fluid mechanics in the cardiovascular system. In particular, his research into the balance between hydrodynamic shear forces and chemical adhesive interactions has great relevance to underlying processes of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation.

Selected Publications

  1. McCarty OJ, Mousa SA, Bray PF, Konstantopoulos K. Immobilized platelets support human colon carcinoma cell tethering, rolling and firm adhesion under dynamic flow conditions. Blood 2000 Sep; 96(5): 1789-1797.

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