Brian Roark

Brian Roark

Phone: 503 748-1752

Central Building, Room 115 (West Campus)

Research Area
Center for Spoken Language Understanding

Before joining the School of Science & Engineering, Roark was a senior technical staff member at AT&T Labs in the speech algorithms research department. He is the coauthor of the GRM library, a software library and associated command line utilities for the compilation and manipulation of various sorts of grammars, including context-free grammars and n-gram language models. He received a bachelor's in mathematics and philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley; a master's in information science from Claremont Graduate School; and a master's in applied mathematics and a doctorate in linguistics from Brown University. He is an editorial board member and reviewer for the journal Computational Linguistics.

Research Interests
Incremental parsing of text and speech; language modeling for automatic speech recognition; supervised and unsupervised learning of language and parsing models; probabilistic models of human language processing.

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