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About ISIS

ISIS (Institutional Student Information System) is a secure, interactive application, students may display grades, display unofficial transcripts, review charges and make payments online, review holds (if they exist), view personal information such as address, e-mail, etc., view and/or print your class schedule and register for classes. 

Forget Your PIN Number

ISIS Online also asks you for a security question and answer so you can click on Forgot PIN? -- answer your question and reset your PIN. If you need to have your PIN reset, call the Helpdesk at 503 494-2222 If you have not received your User/Student ID via an e-mail, contact the Registrar's office at 503 494-7800

Quick Add/Drop Using CRNs

If you know the Course Registration Number (CRN), you can quickly register by selecting Add/Drop Classes.


Some registration activities are not available online, such as registering for more than 16 credits, or adding a class after the first week of the quarter, both of which require approval. If you are unable to complete your registration online, please email the OHSU Registrar's Office or call them at 503 494-7800.

Classes with Variable Credits

If you are registering for a class that has variable credits, such as research or independent study, you will need to go to Change Class Options from the Registration Menu to indicate the number of credits for which you are registering

Verifying your Registration Online

After you are finished registering, verify your course schedule by selecting one of the three student schedule formats; Class Schedule Display, Student Schedule by Day and Time, or Student Detail Schedule.


To drop or withdraw from a course you must officially modify your registration online within the Academic Calendar dates or by notifying Heather Hicks-Fromdahl, in the Registrar's office, at

Notifying your instructor of your intent to drop or withdraw from a course is not sufficient and may result in you receiving a failing grade and being fully responsible for the tuition.

Courses dropped during the designated drop period will not appear on your transcript. Courses withdrawn during the designated withdraw period will be listed on your transcript as a withdraw with or without a grade, per the Academic Calendar. Students may withdraw from courses at any time before the final exam or submission of final project or before the last class meeting for classes without final exams.



Students may change credit/audit status through the second week of the quarter.


Low enrollment or other scheduling issues may result in course cancellation.


Matriculated students are considered full-time when they register for nine or more credit hours per quarter. Audit units do not count for credit or toward full-time status.