Postdoctoral Position - Cardiovascular Development (Dr. Monica Hinds' Lab)

A postdoctoral research position is available in the lab of Dr. Monica Hinds in the Biomedical Engineering (BME) Department. We are looking for a self-motivated researcher to work full-time on projects related to in vivo models of cardiovascular development with collaborators Dr. Sandra Rugonyi and Dr. Kent Thornburg. Biomedical Engineering is a rapidly growing field that requires and fosters interactions with researchers from different scientific fields. A number of recently created Institutes and Centers at OHSU, such as Knight Cardiovascular Institute and the Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine, are tremendously expanding OHSU's research infrastructure. As such, OHSU offers plenty of opportunities for training, as well as developing new ideas and areas of research. The selected candidate will have many opportunities to collaborate with the researchers in our team as well as across the university and to generate new approaches to study cardiovascular development.

Candidates considered for this position must have:
i) strong background in image analysis techniques, including confocal microscopy and uCT;
ii) small animal models;
iii) molecular biology experience.
Candidates must also have a PhD in related field and demonstrated ability for independent research, strong written and oral communication skills, and the ability to work as part of a collaborative team. Experience in optical coherence tomography and electron microscopy is not required but is preferred. However, a strong desire to apply state of the art imaging techniques to cardiovascular development is essential.
Job Posting ID: IRC42168 (www.ohsujobs.com)

Post-Doc and Ph.D. Student Positions (Biomedical Signals and Systems Lab)

The Biomedical Engineering Department at Oregon Health & Science University is seeking one Ph.D. student and one postdoctoral researcher. The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. degree (for the postdoc position) or a Masters degree (for the Ph.D. student position) and experience in or more of the following areas:

  • In-home technology development and big-data analytics
  • Hearing science
  • Medical device development
  • Machine learning, pattern recognition, signal processing, statistical techniques

There are currently several funded projects to work on within this lab which span several areas within the broad field of biomedical engineering and include the following specific topic areas:

  1. Research on in-home health technologies and big-data analytics. We are developing a system that tracks mobility, location, and other movement metrics of a person within their living environment (home or assisted care facility) and attempts to infer cognitive and physical characteristics from these mobility metrics. The system includes both a body-worn tag and also incorporates a tag-free method for monitoring movement of the resident. We are currently developing machine learning tracking and classification algorithms for determining position of the resident within the home as well as activities of daily living. We are members of ORCATECH, and the system is currently being deployed within the ORCATECH Life Lab, which are homes of older adults living within the community that have agreed to have their homes outfitted with various sensing technologies.
  2. Research on hearing science – hearing aids, otoacoustic emissions, and evoked responses. We are developing new signal processing algorithms that utilize face motion (mouth and lips) for improving voice activity detection (VAD). We are currently looking at using otoacoustic emissions and other hearing metrics to assess ototoxicity damage in people receiving cancer therapy. We have used otoacoustic emissions and the medial olivocochlear reflex to predict acute blood sugar changes in people with diabetes. Future projects may include using new technologies in brain-computer interfaces (BCI) to better assist people with sensory impairment. We are a member of the National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR) within the Portland VA Medical Center and much of our auditory research is done in collaboration with NCRAR.
  3. Research on diabetes algorithm and device development. We are currently designing and building a fully automated artificial pancreas system that includes multiple glucose sensors and multiple hormone delivery pumps (insulin and glucagon) along with a control algorithm. The work is done in collaboration with the OHSU Department of Endocrinology. The current system being evaluated on hospital wards was designed using off-the-shelf components and a custom control algorithm. Future work is focused on building a solid-state sensor-catheter to investigate integrating glucose sensing elements with the delivery catheter. This work is being done in collaboration with chemistry and microfabrication labs at Oregon State University.

The successful candidate may have a broad background to work across multiple disciplines in these topic areas or alternatively, be more interested in focusing in on one of these specific areas. The successful candidate will have sufficient skills to develop data acquisition systems (hardware and software development skills required) and knowledge about algorithm development including biomedical signal processing and machine learning to contribute within the lab. Specifically, the successful candidate should have excellent skills in Matlab and other programming languages such as C/C++/C#/Java.

Strong English language skills (writing and speaking) are required.

Within the lab, you will gain experience publishing papers, writing grant proposals, giving presentations at technical meetings, and working with partners in both industry and university / government. The post-doc candidate should have a prior record of publications.

Both positions are open immediately. The Ph.D. student position is open-ended (with a minimum of 3 years) and the post-doctoral position is for two years with competitive salary and compensation.


Postdoctoral Position - Cardiovascular Development (Dr. Sandra Rugonyi's Lab)

The laboratory of Dr. Sandra Rugonyi hasa postdoctoral fellow opening to work on projects related to cardiovascular development.
Candidates considered for this position must have:
i) strong background in mechanics and cardiovascular principles (flow, pressure, tissue strains/stresses);
 ii) lab hands-on experience in imaging, measuring blood flows and/or blood pressures (experience manipulating embryos or small organisms is a plus);
iii) strong data analysis skills; and iv) intellectual curiosity. PhD in a relevant field is required. Candidates must also have a demonstrated ability for independent research, strong written and oral communication skills, and the ability to work as part of a collaborative team. Experience in cardiovascular mechanics is not required but it is preferred, however, a strong desire to perform advanced research in cardiovascular development is a must.
Job Posting ID: IRC38174 (www.ohsujobs.com)

OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine

Additional positions may be available with the OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine.

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