Product Licensing

The Center for Spoken Language Understanding offers various products and services. For non-commercial (educational, research, personal and evaluation) purposes, most CSLU products are freely available. Some products are also available for commercial use (via membership agreement), generally as source code. CSLU handles a wide range of licensing options, including various levels and types of exclusivity as well as payment schedules. Here are our basic groups of products:


CSLU Toolkit (via Membership)
OGI Festival TTS Modules
Custom Software: Enhanced versions of some toolkit items, TTS components, more.

Speech Corpora

CSLU Corpora (via Membership)
Custom Corpora: TTS Voices, transcribed speech corpora for training and testing ASR systems, lexica, more.

Evaluation Services

We perform custom evaluations of speech synthesizers and speech enhancement systems that focus on the specific needs of the corporate customer.

Consultation Services

We can help with purchasing, product planning or investment decisions. We also work collaboratively with corporations in joint software development projects.