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OHSU Rare Disease Research Consortium Symposium April 7, 2015

BMB is excited to lend its support to the OHSU Rare Disease Research Consortium, co-chaired by BMB faculty member Dr. Maureen Hoatlin.  The event brings together researchers, clinicians, and learners together to hear about challenges and advances in the field.  For more information about the symposium and to register (it is a free event), click here.

Pei-Chun Chen of Shyng Lab publishes "Paper of the Week" in the Journal of Biological Chemistry

Pei-Chun Chen's paper that is due to come out in print in the Journal of Biological Chemistry on Nov.22 is selected as "Paper of the Week" by the editors. Her profile is on the JBC website and the journal cover shows one of the images from her study. 


Buddy Ullman Recieves Excellence in Teaching Award

Each year twelve faculty members are nominated and selected by students in recognition of their outstanding teaching. Biochemistry is proud to congratulate Professor Buddy Ullman on his nomination and award this year!


Structure of Lombricine Kinase

Michael Chapman Lab

Dr. ChapmanCreatine kinase is the enzyme charged with maintaining steady concentrations of our cellular energy currency, adenosine triphosphate or ATP. It does this by catalyzing the transfer of a phosphate group to and from creatine, a dietary supplement that athletes hope will enhance their ability to respond to bursts of activity. Read more