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Susan HayflickBiochemistry underpins many of the basic biomedical sciences, from molecular genetics to immunology and pharmacology.  Biochemists identify the molecular players in cellular function and their mechanisms of action. Students in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology come to learn, in atomic detail, about the molecular interactions common to basic life processes, and the techniques that illuminate the molecular underpinnings of normal physiology and the diseased state.  Our faculty are experts in the methods of molecular genetics, protein biochemistry, enzymology, x-ray crystallography, mass spectrometry and electron microscopy.  Application areas range widely from the genetic causes of cancer, to protein synthesis and modification, to cell communication, signal transduction and the metabolic pathways of parasites, viral cell entry, and to the fundamentals of bio-molecular structure and dynamics. Learn more

Selected Publications

Platt, E, Smith, L, Thayer, M. L1 retrotransposon antisense RNA within ASAR IncRNAs controls chromosome-wide replication timing. J of Cell Biology. 2017 Dec 29; DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201707082.

Martin GM, Kandasamy B, DiMaio F, Yoshioka C, Shyng S-L. Anti-diabetic drug binding site in a mammalian KATP channel revealed by Cryo-EM. eLife. 2017 Oct 24; 6:31054.

Boswell BA, Korol A, West-Mays JA, Musil LS. Dual function of TGFβ in lens epithelial cell fate: implications for secondary cataract. Mol Biol Cell. 2017 Apr 1;28(7):907-921. PubMed PMID: 28209733.

Martin GM, Yoshioka C, Rex E, Fay J, Xie Q, Whorton MR, Chen JZ, Shyng S-LCryo-EM structure of the ATP-sensitive potassium channel illuminates mechanisms of assembly and gating. eLife. 2017 Jan 16; 6:e24149.

Boitz JM, Gilroy CA, Olenyik TD, Paradis D, Perdeh J, Dearman K, Davis MJ, Yates PA, Li Y, Riscoe MK, Ullman B, Roberts SC. Arginase Is Essential for Survival of Leishmania donovani Promastigotes but Not Intracellular Amastigotes. Infect Immun. 2016 Dec 29;85(1). pii: e00554-16. PMID: 27795357

Cambronne XA, Stewart ML, Kim D, Jones-Brunette AM, Morgan RK, Farrens DL, Cohen MS, Goodman RH. Biosensor reveals multiple sources for mitochondrial NAD. Science. 2016 Jun 17;352 (6292):1474-7. PMID: 27313049

Donley N, Smith L, Thayer MJ. ASAR15, A cis-acting locus that controls chromosome-wide replication timing and stability of human chromosome 15. PLoS Genet 2015;11(1):e1004923. PMID: 25569254


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