Current Students

Mahnoosh Nik-Ahd, B.A.

Mahnoosh Nik-AhdI am an MD/MPH student at OHSU completing my MPH thesis project under the mentorship of Dr. Damien Fair. My MPH is in epidemiology and biostatistics, and my research is focused on clinical outcomes relevant to children with ADHD. I completed my undergraduate work at Stanford University, where I was a Human Biology major. I plan on pursuing a career in academic medicine in a field where I can have the largest impact on children and their families.



Brian Mills, B.S., M.A.

I am a PhD student studying Behavioral Neuroscience at OHSU.  My research uses resting state functional connectivity MRI (rs-fcMRI) to investigate network structure in children with ADHD and autism.  I am also using rs-fcMRI to study non-human primate and rodent models of these disorders. Ultimately, the goal is to link animal models to the human condition in order to better understand the neurophysiology underlying the disorders and to develop better treatments and interventions to be used in humans.  I have a bachelors from Oregon State University and masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from San Diego State University.