Current Staff

I am a RA in the Fair lab, where my current projects are focused on functional connectivity of the aging adolescent & mature adult brain in ADHD and typically developing populations.  I use MatLab, FSL, FreeSurfer, Fidle & Caret, to analyze the functional and structural images in my research. I graduated from Penn State, where I studied General Science with a focus on medical imaging. I'm currently taking prerequisites for my future application to nursing school.


Bio PhotoEric Earl, B.S.

I am a Senior Research Assistant in the Fair Lab.  My role in the lab has been two-fold: developing new software to simplify image processing and supporting the wide variety of software in use now.  I completed my BS in Electrical Engineering at the University of Portland, Oregon, in 2006.  I developed my love for research in two different OHSU departments (Biomedical Engineering '06-'09 and the Advanced Imaging Research Center '09-'12) prior to settling down in the Fair Lab in April of 2013. 


I am Research Associate in the Fair lab where my current project is adding high-density (256 channel) EEG source localization methods to the lab's research methodologies.  I hold BS degrees in Biology and Engineering & Applied Science, and a PhD in Engineering Science (Bioinformation Systems), all from Caltech. I plan to continue refining our EEG toolbox including our ability to record EEG and fMRI simultaneously, and lead the effort to apply these tools to further our understanding of ASD and ADHD.


Rachel Klein, B.A.

I joined the Fair Lab as a Research Assistant in early 2016. Since then, I've worked on a variety of data processing and analysis software projects for use in our lab and the wider community. I learned web and software development through the Code Oregon program after getting my B.A. in Classical Languages (i.e. Ancient Greek and Latin - which are more similar to programming languages than you might think!). I love being able to contribute in my own way to the amazing research happening here.



I am a Senior Research Associate and licensed Psychologist in the Fair Lab. I do cognitive and neuropsychological testing as well as specialized testing for the diagnosis of autism (ADOS-2) with children. I also do assessment for a CSLU study following infants and toddlers who are siblings of children with autism. Previously I worked on a study of expressive and receptive prosody in children with a diagnosis of autism and/or developmental language disorder. I completed a Ph.D. in Psychology at Purdue University (Developmental emphasis), a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Applied Developmental Psychology at Wayne State University, and a clinical re-specialization at Pacific University.


Kiryl Shada, M.S.Kiryl Shada

I am a research assistant in the Fair Lab. My current research projects include 1) Finding differences in executivefunctioning for children with and without autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and 2) Investigating the relationship between ADHD symptoms and language/communicationfor children with and without ASD. My duties include completing cognitive and neuropsychological assessment, as well as specialized testing for the diagnosis of ASD. I completed my M.S. in Clinical Psychology Pacific Universityin 2013. I am currently completing my Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology Pacific University. After completion of my doctoral degree I plan to pursue specialty training in pediatric neuropsychology with an emphasis on complex medical populations and neurodevelopmental disorders.



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