2015 N.L. Tartar Fellowship Recipients

07/29/15  Portland, Ore.

Please join us in congratulating Dominique Eghlidi, Megan McClintick, Christopher Olson, and Christie Pizzimenti for their recent N.L. Tartar Fellowship Award:

Dominique Eghlidi - $2,000
PhD Candidate, Behavioral Neuroscience
Molecular mechanisms underlying age-related circadian changes in rhesus macaques

Megan McClintick - $2,000
PhD Candidate, Behavioral Neuroscience
Relationship between temperament, resting state functional connectivity, and heavy drinking in cynomolgus and rhesus macaques

Christopher Olson - $2,000
Postdoctoral Researcher, Behavioral Neuroscience
Ultrasonic vocalizations of the neotropical black jacobin (Florisuga fusca)

Christie Pizzimenti - $2,000
PhD Candidate, Behavioral Neuroscience
A role for the basolateral amygdala in enhancements in cue-induced reinstatement following exposure to stress

The Tartar Trust Fellowships grant $2,000 for one year to students, researchers, and faculty in the OHSU School of Medicine.

Fellowships are offered annually by a trust held by the School of Medicine and support research endeavors and research career development.

Congratulations Dominique, Megan, Chris, and Christie!