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01/14/2015 Mello Lab Appears on NPR, in Science, and Other Journals
01/14/2015 Tina Gremel and the Science Behind Changing Bad Habits
01/13/2015 Melanie Pina Receives Psi Chi Research Grant
01/13/2015 Amy Williams Named ARCS Foundation Scholar
11/05/2014 Three BEHN PhD Candidates Receive APA Dissertation Research Awards
11/05/2014 Melanie Pina Receives OBI Fellowship
09/22/2014 Melanie Pina Receives Pavlovian Society Student Poster Award
09/04/2014 Megan McClintick Receives NIH NRSA Award
09/04/2014 Alice Graham Receives NIH NRSA Award
08/25/2014 Gabriela Alarcón Receives NIH NRSA Award
07/25/2014 Lauren Kruse and Monique Smith Receive NIH NRSA Awards
07/25/2014 Megan McClintick Receives Ashworth Graduate Training Award
07/25/2014 Behavioral Neuroscience 2014 Tartar Trust Awardees
07/25/2014 Behavioral Neuroscience at Research Week 2014
04/29/2014 NW Noggin Featured in Association for Psychological Science Observer
04/29/2014 Matt Lattal Featured on Think Out Loud
04/18/2014 Miranda Lim Receives Sleep Research Society Young Investigator Award
04/18/2014 Josh Meyer Receives NLM Fellowship
04/18/2014 Brett Dufour Wins First Place at Oregon Society for Neuroscience Meeting
04/18/2014 Josh Kaplan Receives Award for Outstanding Journal Article by a Graduate Student
04/18/2014 Megan McClintick Receives Travel Award
04/18/2014 Damian Zuloaga Accepts Assistant Professor Position
04/10/2014 Don't Miss Allison Anacker on Science Friday
03/21/2014 Kathleen Holton Heading for American University
03/21/2014 Megan McClintick Wins Best Poster Award
03/21/2014 Garet Lahvis Wins Prestigious Literary Award
02/25/2014 Melanie Pina Receives OHSU Vertex Scholarship
01/02/2014 Damien Fair Receives Presidential Award
01/02/2014 Monique Smith Receives OHSU Brain Institute Graduate Student Fellowship
01/02/2014 John Harkness and Lauren Kruse Receive Ashworth Graduate Training Awards
11/06/2013 Megan McClintick & Antony Abraham Receive 2013 APA Dissertation Research Awards
10/30/2013 Garet Lahvis Receives 2014 OCTRI Catalyst Pilot Project Award
10/21/2013 Deb Finn to Receive Faculty Excellence in Education Award
10/11/2013 Andrey Ryabinin to Receive Teaching Excellence in Graduate Education Award
10/03/2013 Matt Lattal Receives 2013 Pavlovian Research Award
07/15/2013 OHSU scientists to host middle and high school students July 16 - 18
06/14/2013 BEHN in the News! Featuring Karina Destine
06/10/2013 Behavioral Neuroscience Research Week Award Winners
05/24/2013 BEHN Department Chair, Robert Hitzemann, Receives 2013 Dean's Award
05/07/2013 Inaugural Conference for Flux: The International Congress for Integrative Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
04/10/2013 Brett Dufour Receives American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy Travel Award
04/10/2013 BEHN Faculty Member Kathy Grant Receives 2013 RSA Henri Beglieter Award for Research Excellence
01/24/2013 Three BEHN Graduate Students Receive 2012 APA Dissertation Research Awards
12/19/2012 Emily Eastwood and Morgan Wirthlin Receive Ashworth Graduate Training Awards
10/16/2012 Dominique Eghlidi Receives First Place in Basic Science at The Healthy Aging Alliance Conference
09/28/2012 William Giardino Receives President's Young Investigator Award from ISBRA
09/18/2012 OHSU announces Marquam Hill Lecture Series for 2012-13
08/10/2012 Marcia Ramaker Receives Ashworth Graduate Training Award
07/12/2012 Dr. John Crabbe Receives 2012 RSA Seixas Award
07/10/2012 Kristy Cordero Receives SfN Neuroscience Scholar Fellowship
06/19/2012 Yosef Berlow Receives NIH NRSA Award
06/07/2012 Neuroscience Of Aging Course To Be Offered 2012/13 Academic Year
05/30/2012 Amanda Barkley-Levenson and Josh Kaplan receive Graduate Research Scholarships
05/21/2012 2012 N.L. Tartar Fellowship Recipients
05/15/2012 BEHN and Research Week
04/17/2012 BEHN Faculty Member, Bonnie Nagel, Receives RSA Award
04/17/2012 Behavioral Neuroscience Welcomes New Faculty Member, Jodi McBride
04/11/2012 Kristy Cordero Receives Promising Scholars Award
03/29/2012 Allison Anacker Receives Donald G. and Darel Stein Fellowship
03/20/2012 OHSU Research Week May 7-10, 2012
03/12/2012 Clare Wilhelm Receives VA Career Development Award
03/07/2012 Eight Behavioral Neuroscience Trainees Receive NIH NRSA Awards
11/15/2011 Behavioral Neuroscience Graduate Students Receive APA Dissertation Research Awards
07/21/2011 Behavioral Neuroscience trainees receive Tartar Trust Fellowships
07/12/2011 Spring 2011 Ashworth Award Recipients
05/27/2011 Behavioral Neuroscience celebrates 50-year anniversary
05/23/2011 Two Behavioral Neuroscience Graduate Students Receive Inaugural Graduate Research Scholarships
05/23/2011 2011 N.L. Tartar Fellowship Recipients
05/18/2011 2011 Student Research Forum Winners
05/13/2011 Five faculty scientists honored at VA Research Day 2011
02/10/2011 Behavioral Neuroscience Best Paper Award Winners
02/03/2011 Gwendolen Haley Receives MRF Grant
11/19/2010 Behavioral Neuroscience Graduate Students Receive APA Dissertation Research Awards
11/11/2010 Dr. Suzanne Mitchell Receives Faculty Excellence in Education and Excellence in Teaching Awards
10/27/2010 Dr. Haley’s study of early effects of radiation on the brain gets NSBRI boost
10/25/2010 Gwendolen Haley Receives NSBRI Postdoctoral Fellowship
10/11/2010 Anita Cservenka Receives Ashworth Graduate Training Award
09/22/2010 Three Behavioral Neuroscience PhD Graduate Students Receive NIH NRSA Award
06/04/2010 Dr. Tamara Phillips Receives 2010 Distinguished Scientist Award
06/02/2010 Dr. Tamara Phillips Receives 2010 Distinguished Scientist Award
05/21/2010 Lauren Dobbs Receives NIH National Research Service Award
05/21/2010 Student Research Forum Winners
05/20/2010 Irina Fonareva Receives Ashworth Graduate Training Award
05/19/2010 2010 N.L. Tartar Fellowship Awardees
04/07/2010 Congratulations 2009/10 PhD Candidates!
04/07/2010 Ashworth Award Application Deadline is May 14, 2010
04/02/2010 OHSU (Behavioral Neuroscience) Scientists Help Decode Songbird Genome
03/18/2010 Behavioral Neuroscience Graduate Student, Will Giardino, Receives 2010 IBANGS Travel Award
03/03/2010 Brian Piper Receives 2010 Behavioral Neuroscience Best Postdoctoral Paper Award
03/03/2010 Rick Bernardi Receives 2010 Best Behavioral Neuroscience Graduate Student Paper Award
02/24/2010 Three graduate studies students named “Vertex Scholars”
02/10/2010 January Paper of the Month: Unraveling the genetic basis for excessive alcohol consumption
02/08/2010 James Stafford receives Vertex Scholarship
02/05/2010 Behavioral Neuroscience Graduate Students Receive IBNS 2010 Travel Awards
01/04/2010 2010 Annual Best Paper Awards Deadline February 1st, 2010
11/12/2009 Behavioral Neuroscience Graduate Students Receive 2009 APA Dissertation Awards
10/23/2009 Ashworth Award Applications Due 11/16/2009
07/06/2009 Behavioral Neuroscience Trainees Receive Tartar Trust Fellowships
06/08/2009 David Roalf and Allison Anacker receive Ashworth Graduate Training Award
05/28/2009 David Roalf Receives 2009 School of Medicine Alliance Award
05/06/2009 2009 Student Research Forum Schedule
04/15/2009 Now Accepting Ashworth Award Nominations
02/26/2009 Gwendolen Haley Receives Best Postdoctoral Fellow Paper Award
02/26/2009 Christina Gremel Receives Best Graduate Student Paper Award
02/11/2009 Empathetic Mice May Open Door to Decoding Autism
01/06/2009 Congratulations Ph.D. Candidates!
11/10/2008 Ethan Beckley Receives APA Dissertation Research Award
11/06/2008 Dr. Tamara Phillips Receives Festival of Lights Award

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