NIDA/NIAAA Predoctoral Application Information

 In general, individuals selected for predoctoral traineeships must already be admitted to one of the Ph.D. programs in the School of Medicine at OHSU. In addition, the individual must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident at the time of appointment. Students are asked to submit an application to the Training Committee that includes a narrative summary of previous research experience/ interests, and indicates how our training program is expected to help the student achieve his/her future research goals. This statement should include a general description of the proposed area of alcohol or drug research in which the student plans to complete the Ph.D. dissertation. The application must be accompanied by copies of the student's undergraduate and graduate transcripts and a letter of recommendation from the training faculty member who has agreed to serve as the student's mentor. The availability of predoctoral traineeships varies from year to year. Openings are typically announced in spring with an application deadline of May 1st.

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