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tubes_scaledThe Department of Behavioral Neuroscience offers an opportunity to experience an integration of classical and modern techniques in neuroscience. The department is well-equipped with the full range of behavioral, psychopharmacological, physiological, neurochemical, and molecular biological research facilities. The department is an integral piece of OHSU, which is the state's only academic health and research center.

Administrative offices for the department are located in the School of Medicine on OHSU's Marquam Hill campus. In addition to the basic science studies pursued within the school, the Marquam Hill campus research facilities include the Vollum Institute, the Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology (CROET), and the OHSU Cancer Institute. The Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC), an OHSU affiliate, is also located on the Marquam Hill campus, separated by a five-minute walk via skybridge. OHSU's West campus includes the Oregon National Primate Research Center, OGI School of Science & Engineering, and Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute.

The department includes faculty members from VAMC, Vollum Institute, CROET, and several other university departments, centers, and schools. Opportunities also exist for faculty interaction with OHSU's Oregon National Primate Center and the OGI School of Science & Engineering, and through affiliations with Portland State University.