Procedure at Time of Death

“ ...For how can I thank you now that you're gone? The question has troubled me for ever so long. I'll make the most of your choice and your passive teaching style. To learn all I can in our short while. Then I'll be ready, when my elder time comes. To share what I've learned with more of the young...”

Excerpt from a poem written by an OHSU medical student

At the time of death, please call the Body Donation Program at 503-494-8302.

To determine if the body is acceptable, we will proceed with our medical screening. This procedure usually occurs over the phone with a nurse, hospice worker or caregiver. If the donor is accepted, we will send transportation for pick-up and delivery to OHSU. Transportation will also assist in the completion and filing of the death certificate.

Please be aware there is a transportation fee for deaths occurring outside of Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington or Clark County. To find out specifically what fee is applicable to your situation, call our office at 503-494-8302, as transportation is charged by county.

If death occurs at a considerable distance from OHSU, transportation costs, legal issues and potential deterioration of the deceased may put a time constraint on the delivery and acceptance of the donor to the University. Explore other anatomical donation programs in the United States.

If a donor has an existing pre-arrangement with a funeral home, please contact that funeral home and use their professional services for assistance into the body donation program.

If we are unable to accept a donor into our program, you will need to contact your local funeral home for further assistance.

It is always advisable for the next of kin or responsible member of your family to know of your bequest so that it may be carried out at the time of death.

Respect for the donor

Survivors may derive comfort from the knowledge that respect for those who have donated their bodies is maintained at all times. The indispensable contribution that body donors have made is fully recognized. The teaching laboratories are situated in a restricted area and only medical and dental students, faculty, staff, or other students of the health professions are authorized to use the facility.

Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

For legal details, please see the Oregon Anatomical Gift Act.