Get Involved

get involved


You can make a difference by volunteering. We love alumni and community friends who connect with and support our students and the OHSU School of Medicine. Below are some ways you can get involved. Have questions? Want to do something we’ve not thought of? today!

Help Our Students Travel (HOST)

Each fall, fourth-year M.D. students travel for interviews at residency programs across the nation. No one knows those programs as well as someone who has been through them or is still involved. HOST alumni provide information about a residency program, discuss life in their part of the country or even offer a bed for the night. (This really helps student travel budgets!) Learn more about HOST and sign up. Read an article on HOST.

Mentor Graduate Students

We offer plenty of opportunities to mentor graduate students in future career paths and professional development. Learn more.

Assist M.D. Admissions

Help shape the future physician workforce by participating in the selection process for M.D. students. As a rater in the multiple mini interview (MMI) that is part of our admissions process, you will conduct a series of short interviews with standardized scenarios and questions between September and March. Training is provided. Learn more.