Get Involved

You can make a difference!

We love the ways our alumni can connect with and support our students, recent alumni and each another. Help us by making a difference in the lives and careers of students and young alumni. Here are some ways you can get involved:

Help Our Students Travel (HOST) program

Each fall our fourth year students travel for interviews at residency programs across the nation.  No-one knows those programs as well as someone who has been through them or is still involved. Let us know if you are can provide information about a residency program near you, if you are willing to discuss life in your part of the country with a student, or even if you can offer a bed for the night (this really helps their travel budgets!)

Lunch or dinner with a Doc

Socialize with current medical students in a small group setting. If you are in the neighborhood during the day, take a few first- and second-year medical students out to lunch on Marquam Hill. This is an excellent way to share information about your career and personal experiences. As an added bonus you will receive VIP parking in front of the Medical School!

Host student groups

Take a group out for a round of golf, enjoy a sporting event together, or just take a few students out for dinner. Let us know if this is something you’d like to do.

Serve on the Alumni Association Council or a committee

The Alumni Council and its committees drive and guide the Association, following the objectives of the strategic plan to support the work of the School and the Association. Let us know if this is something you’d like to do.

Attend a reunion

Typically we hold reunions for milestone years that end in a ‘0’ or a ‘5’. Feel a reunion coming on? Please contact us with information.

Support students at the OHSU School of Medicine

On average students in the MD program face medical school debt loads of $170,000 and more at graduation. Please consider making a gift to the OHSU Foundation. And thank you.



Have questions? Want to get involved? Or do you want to do something we’ve not thought of? Contact us today!

Alumni Relations Program

503 220-8327