Applicants must have one of the following:    

  1. Prerequisites  
  2. Associate degree in Radiologic Technology (X-Ray)   
  3. Bachelor's degree

Students may apply while they are completing the admission requirements, but must complete prerequisite courses and credits prior to enrollment unless a waiver has been granted.

All applicants are required to spend 40 hours of observation time in radiation therapy departments. Before starting observation visits each applicant must have successfully completed the OHSU online HIPAA training program and have a completion verification form with them at the time of each site visit. The 40 hours of observation may be completed outside the Portland area but must be documented on the form provided.

To complete the HIPAA training online please visit OHSU's Big Brain. Each applicant should register within the Big Brain system and chose which learner category that best fits. Please allow approximately 1 hour to complete the online training.