Thoughts About Choosing OHSU

"Simply put, OHSU is the most complete, impressive PA program I know. I made, what I considered, a very thorough search for the top programs in the country. I looked from Washington to Florida and got accepted in New York, Connecticut, and Chicago. But I chose this program over them all. The staff are invested, experienced, and helpful. The clinical year is amazingly well planned, and the lessons I learned during physical exam has saved at least one patient. Make this school top on your list. You won't regret it!"   Stephen Loper, PA-C, class of 2010

"This was one of the most stressful, rewarding, time-consuming, fun, tiring, amazing and life-altering times of my life. Thank you!"   Sam Lopez, PA-C, class of 2010

"Prior to matriculation at OHSU I received a Bachelors degree, did post-baccalaureate work and earned a doctoral degree. Thus, I have attended five different colleges and university's. In my experience, OHSU and the PA program in particular far surpasses everything I have done to date. I honestly could not be happier with the education I am receiving!"  Pat Buckley, ND, class of 2009

"I chose to attend the OHSU PA program for a few reasons.  I was impressed with the reputation that the OHSU PA program had across the nation as well as the excellent pass rate on the national board exam and job placement for their recent graduates.  Another main reason that I chose OHSU was because I wanted to attend a school that was integrated with the medical school.  I feel that it is important to take classes with medical students so that we can both learn from each other. "  Kristi Daniels, class of  2008 

"OHSU PA program is very rigorous. However, as a result I have been pleasantly surprised how well prepared I have been entering the workforce. The staff are extremely knowlegeable and helpful and will go the extra mile to help students succeed."   John Roth, PA-C, class of 2008

"I don't know how to sum up 26months of intense, fun, crammed education with some of the most amazing people I've ever met in my life. It was great. I learned a ton, and am in the career I never knew I would love so much. I loved the program. I was more prepared to start working than some of my colleagues who were also straight out of PA school."   Skye Waggoner, PA-C, class of 2008

"OHSU PA Program Rocks!"   Scott Stimson, PA-C, class of 2006

"The OHSU PA program is highly respected in the medical community for the quality of individuals it selects and the excellent medical education it provides."   Angie Webber, PA-C, class of 2004

"OHSU PA program is a top notch school that more than prepared me for entering the workforce. The basics I learned there made my transition easy."   Renee Christenson PA-C, class of 2002

"I am quite proud that I graduated from OHSU. Being at a PA school integrated with medical students and studying with them side-by-side was invaluable in both the academic component and to teach the next generation of MDs that PAs have a vast knowledge of medicine as well as they do so the MD/PA team works well together. I happen to work with a group of MDs that value my skills and knowledge base. OHSU was one of the hardest things I ever did in my life, but so worth all the effort."   Diane Nunley, PA-C, class of 2002

"Excellent program that provided a well rounded clinical base for the challenges ahead."   Shane Pierce, PA-C, class of 1999


Thoughts About Their Preparation for a Career as a PA

"I believe the OHSU PA program prepared me well for real world clinical practice both in a clinical based setting and with in the operating room."   Casey Carlson, PA-C, class of 2009

"OHSU provided me with the experience and knowledge needed to feel like I hit the ground running when I entered into clinical practice. I continue to add to my knowledge base and experience every day now that I'm working, but OHSU helped to lay a strong foundation."   Brooke Witteman, PA-C, class of 2009

"The OHSU PA program and faculty helped me to be successful in a challenging profession. I think the program helped equip me with the essential tools and skills to work in this profession. I speak highly for the program and the students they train. Excellent program! Thank you!"   Kari Wattenbarger, PA-C, class of 2008

"Excellent, well rounded medical education that prepared me for PANCE and clinical practice."   Andrew Johnson, PA-C, class of 2007

 "The further out of school I get, the more I really appreciate not only the quality of education I received at OHSU, but also the great people (both classmates and faculty) I had the opportunity to meet through my experience in the PA program."  Jennifer Graslie, PA-C, class of 2007

"I have been working in Family Practice since graduation. The OHSU PA program did a great job preparing me for practice. I feel that our strong science background, challenging rotations with extra hours required make the difference... I would recommend our program to anybody."  Scott Wagnon, PA-C, class of 2005, current clinical preceptor

"I continue to recongnize the substantial benefits my PA education has afforded me. I was well prepared to enter the medical community following graduation, and have been capable of transitioning from one subspecialty to another as circumstances have required."   Dayne Johnson, PA-C, class of 2004

"Looking back on my student days, the quality of the lectures by school of medicine faculty and our PA program staff was excellent.  I was well prepared for my career as a practicing PA (I chose to work in family practice) and the breadth and depth of my knowledge has been recognized by several physician and PA colleagues.  I always credit the exceptional training I received while at OHSU."  Alise Osis, PA-C, class of 2003

"Given the amount of knowledge that a P.A. student has to master, I believe the OHSU's Master of P.A. Studies did a fantastic job in preparing me for my career as a P.A., particularly for passing the P.A. board exam."  Jonathan Wong, PA-C, class of 2003

"The OHSU PA Program has prepared me well for practice in the medical community by encouraging and fostering my inherrent desire to provide high quality, patient-centered health care. This has provided an extremely personally fulfilling life course for my family and me, that I know is also providing real help to the patients I serve. Many thanks to Ted, Pat, each of my dedicated instructors, and OHSU, for your visionary direction in what has been for me an unregrettable career course. "   Ken V. Busby, PA-C, class of 1998

"It is difficult to imagine a better program model than that at OHSU.  I was constantly impressed with the planning involved and the implementation of lectures and experiences that the program provided.  I left the program confident that I had been prepared well and was able to hit the ground running.  One of the best things about the program was that I was given the tools to be able to integrate the constantly changing medical environment with the knowledge that I gained in school."  Mark Spencer, PhD, PA-C, class of  1998, current clinical preceptor

"What made me realize I received solid education & training from OHSU, was that right away during my first position, I felt very confident treating patients.  There was knowledge back in the recesses I really didn't know was there until it was called upon.  The preparation I received was even better than I had thought whenever I would require answers in a challenging situation.  I feel very fortunate to have received my education from OHSU and it benefits me every day." Eric Moen, PA-C, class of 1997

"The OHSU Physician Assistant program provided a broad yet complete foundation that has proven solid for the past 14 years of clinical practice. It is unparalleled."   Chris McGlothlen, PA-C, class of 1997


Thoughts About Faculty and Lecturers

"I believe the faculty are fantastic educators and caring people, they genuinely cared and wanted me to succeed. I struggled but I succeeded because they believed in me."  Jonathan Wong, PA-C class of 2003

"The faculty is extremely helpful and committed to the success of each individual. Having lecturers from OHSU provides the latest and greatest medical information creating a superior environment to learn."  Christy McAllister, PA-C class of 2001


Thoughts About the Academic Year
"The academic year is an intense, riveting, exciting, and tough time.  It is amazing the amount of information a person can learn in 12 months.  That year pushes you to your limits and tests your resilience in order to prepare you for the clinical year rotations and you future as a practicing physician assistant."  Kristi Daniels, class of  2008
Thoughts About Clinical Year Experiences

"These  varied in locale and settings, but the common thread was the dedication of my preceptors.  They were awesome and exemplified a commitment to medical education.  They not only inspired me to become a better PA, but also demonstrated the importance of providing these experiences to future student.  It is why I jump at the chance to precept students now."  Mark Spencer, PhD, PA-C, class of 1998, current clinical preceptor 


Thoughts About Their Career as a PA

"Having a family living in Eugene, attending OHSU was a challenge.  I am asked frequently if it was worth it and my answer is an absolute YES!  I never regret my decision to make that sacrifice."  Christy McAllister, PA-C, class of 2001

"I can't imagine doing anything else.  This was a second career for me and it has been extremely rewarding.  There is a tremendous up front investment in time, energy and money, but my education at OHSU has paid for itself many times over in terms of professional rewards, income, job security and especially job satisfaction."  Mark Spencer, PhD, PA-C, class of  1998, current clinical preceptor

Class of 2010 at the Oregon Food Bank 

PA students at the Oregon Food Bank


Thoughts About How OHSU Has Been Different From Their Expectations

"If anything, the program has been better than my expectations. It is incredibly challenging, but I really feel the faculty knows exactly what they are doing in teaching us, and that they are always there to support us in any way." Greta Bloor, Class of 2013

"I had a feeling this program would be exceptional. That's why I came here. I have not been disappointed. I am impressed and pleased with every aspect of this program." Mikal Burley, Class of 2013

"Yes, and no. No, in the fact that I knew that it was going to be incredibly challenging, and it has been. I knew that it was going to be a lot of information all at once, and it has been. Yes, in the fact that I had no idea how much we as a group would pull together to help each other. I feel honored to be part of such a wonderful group of people. I feel incredibly honored to be a student in this program and to be exposed to such a great group of faculty. It makes me want to be the very best I can be, thanks!" Andrea Frangiosa, Class of 2013

"It's pretty much what I expected so far. I am really impressed with the number and quality of speakers we have. I appreciate how personable and available the faculty are to support us." Julia Frey, Class of 2013

"If anything it has been even better than expected. I feel so honored an privileged to be a part of this learning experience. OHSU has an amazing program, which inspires confidence in us to succeed and know that we will survive." Ryan Gonce, Class of 2013

"Without a doubt, the program has far exceeded my expectations from when I first began. The support, positive encouragement, guidance, mentoring, eagerness to help, and shared expertise from the faculty is beyond impressive and much appreciated. While the amount of material and pace of the program have been overwhelming many times, the camaraderie of my classmates has been a tremendous help." Jaime Keppinger, Class of 2013

"Yes, the program continually impresses me and has exceeded my expectations. The amount of time and effort that goes into making us as prepared as possible is very apparent and greatly appreciated." Kelly O-Brien, Class of 2013

"I had high expectations coming into the program but I still find myself in awe of just how excellent it truly is. I am honored to be a part of it and look forward to what else is in store." Brett Quarles, Class of 2013

"I don't really know if I had a whole lot of expectations coming into this program. At the interview and with talking with past students they all raved about the support that you receive from the staff and at the time I didn't understand what that meant but now having gone through my first term I really see what it means. It's one of the things that gives me confidence in knowing that I can finish this and that I am not alone floundering in the ocean of knowledge being thrown at me. I really see and feel the support form each of the professors and also each of my classmates. This has been an amazing process to be a part of and I'm very grateful to be here. I have worked really hard but I see the benefits of it everyday." Kristan Stone, Class of 2013

"It is hard to know exactly what to expect no matter how prepared we try to be as incoming students. That said, OHSU PA Program has far exceeded my expectations of its supportive staff. I am blown away at how caring and selfless the staff is in making our adjustment as smooth as possible and ensuring our success. I could not have asked for a better program to be a part of!!" Linidsay Whetzel, Class of 2013

"Yes! I honestly did not know what to expect of this program beforehand, but I can say that I am continually amazed by the amount of effort and organization that goes into it. While I love all of the class, I am absolutely amazed by the faculty. I cannot express how appreciative I am of how much time, effort, and care each of the faculty pours into our well-being and success, and I really think that that is what makes the program so great." Charlene Wong, Class of 2013

"It has been more challenging balancing the demands of the program with my personal/family life than I was expecting. This balance is still a work in progress for me." Christopher Benjamin, Class of 2013

"Not really. I was expecting it to be challenging yet rewarding, I was expecting to be lacking a social life, I was expecting to learn how to do a complete physical in order to be able to work with patients in the first year. The only thing that I was not expecting was to have such a wonderful sense of community with both my classmates and the faculty. I truly do not think I would be surviving so well without the amazing people and support around me." Kate Bennett, Class of 2013

"It has been very busy and challenging, which is no surprise. The nice surprise has been how well you all encourage collaboration between us. There doesn't seem to be a strong sense of competition and that is nice." Christian Caruso, Class of 2013

"Yes, it's been even better than I expected. I can't believe how close our class is and the teaching has exceeded my expectations." Christopher Gabler, Class of 2013

"The program has been all I've dreamed of! I don't think I was anticipating how much material I wouldn't be able to learn on the first pass, however." Amanda Heckman, Class of 2013

"I had a somewhat vague or broad view of what I expected the program to be like. I would say that my experience thus far has fit nicely within these expectations. I am definitely still thrilled to be here. I am impressed with the quality of instruction I am receiving." Anne Heiner, Class of 2013

"It has exceeded my expectations as far as how supportive and helpful everyone is." Kyndra Jones, Class of 2013

"It has been more interactive than I expected. I enjoy that aspect more than I thought I would. Not only does it feel like a learning experience but I feel as if I am learning a profession. This program has exceeded my expectations. Because of the great students and faculty, even when I hit a snag I have been able to move forward and still accomplish my goals." Rebecca Keir, Class of 2013

"I really appreciate the effort the program makes to help us take care of ourselves by continuing to be involved in our community and do things besides PA school." Sara Passey, Class of 2013

"I appreciate the effort that the faculty has put into recruiting and selecting individuals for this program. I really feel that there 37 other genuine and caring individuals in the class and this has made my experience thus far incredible." Jordan Praytor, Class of 2013

"It's been better than I expected. This was my number 1 choice of all the schools because I knew of OHSU's reputation. I really feel like I'm getting the best of the best education and that it will be even more evident on my rotations." Melissa Rhyasen, Class of 2013

"Not yet. Everyone is great and I am extremely happy to be a part of the program and class! There is a ton of information and the school pretty much owns my life but I was prepared for that." Briana Rivera, Class of 2013

"My expectations were not very specific because I knew that PA school was going to be something unlike anything I had ever done before. Therefore, my expectations were that I was going to work hard and be fully immersed in a culture of healthcare in order to transform myself into something better. My expectations have been met so far." TJ Scarey, Class of 2013