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The OHSU PA Program  requires applicants to submit official scores for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) taken within the past 5 years.  No minimum GRE scores are required.  Average scores for accepted students in 2013 for the new test are provided in percentiles:  Verbal  77th percentile, Quantitative 59th percentile, Analytical Writing 64th percentile. However, these are only averages and the accepted students definitely have a wide range of GRE scores. The Program does not place a lot of emphasis on GRE scores, instead the main focus of an applicant's academic foundation will include the overall GPA, BCP GPA, and most recent courses GPA.  The GRE is then used as additional information to help show an applicant's readiness for master's level curriculum ahead in PA school.  For 2015-16 admissions, if the GRE was taken prior to 11/30/2010, the applicant will need to retake the GRE. The Educational Testing Service only keeps scores for five years.


 Use GRE Institution Code 4780Department Code 0634 or 0699 or 5199 (any department code will work as long as the institution code is correct).


How can I confirm OHSU has received my official GRE scores?  Applicants will be able to confirm score receipt through their application on the CASPA applicant portal.  Your applicant portal will show the date official scores were posted  for OHSU's 4780 institutional code.  If your portal shows official scores were received, then OHSU has your scores so there's no need to re-confirm.  Also, OHSU will email applicants when their application has been received by the program, as well as a follow up email to confirm receipt of official GRE scores and supplemental application.

Can I submit my CASPA application and follow up later with ETS to send scores from a previous GRE or send scores once I take a planned GRE at a later date?   YES.  The OHSU PA Program allows for applicants to submit their CASPA application without entering self-reported GRE scores.  An applicant can then follow up with ETS, if they haven't already done so, to have the official scores sent to 4780.  Or if an applicant has not taken the GRE at time of CASPA submission, they can request the scores be sent to 4780 once the test is taken.  Our requirement is for the official test scores to be received at CASPAon or before our deadline of 10/1/2014.  

What if my last name reported on CASPA is different from my last name on my GRE? Please see the FAQs on the CASPA site for a specific answer to this question. In general, you can contact CASPA customer service so they can match the GRE to the CASPA application.

Can other standardized tests be substituted for the GRE?  No. MCAT, GMAT, and MAT tests cannot substitute for the GRE requirement.

Is the GRE still required if I already have a master's degree? 
Yes. All applicants to the OHSU PA program must submit official test scores for the GRE regardless of their previous academic work .

In addition to the official score receipt, does OHSU require applicants to self-report GRE scores on the CASPA application?  No.  OHSU only utilizes the official scores, so self-reporting scores in CASPA is not needed.  However, be sure to have official scores sent to OHSU's code 4780.