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The OHSU PA Program participates in the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA).

The application fee is based upon the number of programs to which an applicant applies.  Please refer to CASPA for information on fees and waivers.

For questions about completing the online CASPA application, help can be reached by emailing CaspaInfo@caspaonline.org

Please send official  transcripts directly to CASPA.  Transcripts should only be sent to CASPA; there is no need to also send them to OHSU.  However, if you matriculate into the OHSU PA Program, official transcripts will be requested at that time.  In the meantime, send official transcripts to CASPA at the following address:

CASPA PO Box 9108 Watertown, MA 02471

The application deadline for the entering class of 2015 has passed as of October 1, 2014.  The application cycle for 2015-16 will open in mid-April 2015.  The deadline for 2015-16 will move to September 1, 2015

Early applications are encouraged. The PA Program offers rolling admissions with interviews beginning in September and continuing through early January.  Although rolling admissions is utilized, the Program will not completely fill the available seats until all candidates who qualify for an interview have been met.  Selections will occur monthly throughout the interview season of September through January. Final selections to fill remaining seats will occur in late January/early February.

Supplemental Application

In addition to the CASPA application, the OHSU PA Program also requires submission of a supplemental application..  There is no charge for the supplemental.

The supplemental application must be received in the PA Program office on or before September 1, 2015 to be considered for 2016 admissions.  No exceptions, so please plan ahead.

Graduate Record Exam

The GRE General Test is required for 2015-16 admissions.  The official score report must be received at CASPA, identified with institution code 4780, on or before the 09/01/15 deadline to be considered for the entering class of 2016.   Score reports for tests taken within the past 5 years are acceptable.   Please refer to the GRE web page link on the right for additional information regarding the GRE.  The PA Program's GRE institution code is 4780 and department code of 0634 or 0699 or 5199 (any department code will work as long as the institution code is correct). 

How can I confirm OHSU has received my official GRE scores?  Applicants will be able to confirm score receipt through their application on the CASPA applicant portal.  Your applicant portal will show the date official scores were posted  for OHSU's 4780 institutional code.  If your portal shows official scores were received, then OHSU has your scores and there's no need to re-confirm.  Also, OHSU will email applicants when their application has been received by the program, as well as a follow up email to confirm receipt of official GRE scores and supplemental application.

Can other standardized tests be substituted for the GRE?  No. MCAT, GMAT, and MAT tests cannot substitute for the GRE requirement.

Is the GRE still required if I already have a master's degree?  Yes. All applicants to the OHSU PA program must submit official test scores for the GRE regardless of their previous academic work .

In addition to the official score receipt, does OHSU require applicants to self-report GRE scores on the CASPA application?  No.  OHSU only utilizes the official scores, so self-reporting scores in CASPA is not needed.  However, be sure to have official scores sent to OHSU's code 4780.

After the Program has received the completed application from CASPA, including official GRE scores, and supplemental application, an initial file review will be conducted.