Postdoctoral Opportunities


Investigator:  Jae Lee, PhD

Position:  Postdoctoral Fellow

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In 2003, we have reported the first mammalian histone H3-lysine 4-methyltransferase complexes, named MLL3- and MLL4-complexes.  We have been a pioneer in dissecting the physiological roles of these complexes ever since. Our current focus is on their roles in diverse metabolic processes as well as in a newly emerging theme for intriguing interplay between diet and tumorigenesis.   We have also embarked on an exciting new project dissecting gene regulatory network in embryonic fate specification of developing hypothalamic neurons in feeding circuitry.   Both lines of works are well funded by R01 grants from NIH.   

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Investigator:  Dr. Michell Reimer,  DFG-Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD)

Position:  Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Michell Reimer “Regulation of developmental and regenerative processes in the spinal cord” has a Postdoc position available starting at January 1st,  2015.   The position is initially limited until 31st December 2017.

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