General Questions:

  1. 1. When does your portal open?
  • Our site opens for applications on April 1, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. PDT.

2. When will I hear back about my application?

  • We will start sending offers out after May 2, 2016

3. Are applications processed on a first come first serve basis?

  • No, departments receive the applications and they process the applications based on merit.

4.  Are there resources available for visiting students in regards to housing/transportation?

  • No.

5. Do you offer scholarships for visiting students?

  • We do not offer any financial assistance to visiting students.

6. Can a student apply to multiple departments?

  • You can apply to as many departments as you would like, just be sure to rank your choices.

7. What are the odds I will be selected?

  • Last year we had over 650 visiting students apply to OHSU and we were able to place 200 of those students. It is important to apply to multiple rotations and to rank your choices.

8. Do you accept foreign medical students?

  • We only  accept students from Canada who are currently enrolled in a LCME accredited school.

9. Can I receive extra malpractice coverage from OHSU?

  • We do not provide extra malpractice coverage for visiting students if they do not have the level of coverage that we require. Talk with your home school officials to see if they can help you secure additional coverage.

10. I am a diversity student, do you have any assistance for me?

Questions related to supplemental documents:

1. I have questions/concerns regarding my immunization form.

  • All questions or concerns relating to the immunization form should be directed at our Health Service office. You can reach them Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. PST at 503-494-8665.

2. My background check is out-of-date/has been lost/never occurred what should I do?

  • You must either submit a letter from your school stating when you completed a background check or go to mybackgroundcheck.com and complete one through that site..

3. Should I send hard copies of my supplemental documents or should I upload them to VSAS?

  • Please upload all documents to VSAS. We will no longer be accepting documents that are not submitted on VSAS.

4. I do not have a hard copy of my Step 1 scores, what should I do?

  • Have your school submit a letter on letterhead documenting that you have passed your boards.

5. What is the cut off score for Step 1?

  • OHSU just requires that you have passed the boards.

6. Are there any additional requirements/documents besides those listed on VSAS?

  • Individual programs may require additional information and they will contact you.

7. Do I need to have a BLS or ACLS certification?

  • Yes, it needs to be completed before starting a rotation at OHSU.

Questions related to letters:

1. Who should my letter of recommendation be addressed too?

  • Please address all letters to the Visiting Student Coordinator.

2. I waived my right to see my LOR, how am I supposed to upload it?

  • Have your letter writer send it to your coordinator who will upload it into VSAS.

3. What goes into my letter of interest?

  • Your letter should explain why you are interested in coming to OHSU and why you are interested in being placed in the department you are applying for.

Questions related to rotations:

1. What can I do to increase my chances of getting the rotation I want?

  • The best strategy to being selected for an away rotation is to apply to multiple rotations and to have a completed application.

2. My school's rotations are staggered and do not match the rotations at OHSU, can you accommodate me?

  • We will be unable to accommodate you, it would cause another student to lose a spot in a different rotation.

3. The rotation I am interested in is not listed on the VSAS site, is that a mistake?

  • No, departments close particular blocks and we are unable to place you in a closed block.

4. I am interested in rotations at OHSU in Portland and Sacred Heart in Eugene, should I apply to both or will it hurt my chances of getting accepted?

  • You should apply to both, but you should rank your choices. Please be aware that Eugene is approximately 100 miles from Portland and you will not be working with or meeting people that are involved in the OHSU Residency Programs while in Eugene.

5. Can I do a two week rotation at OHSU?

  • No, we cannot accommodate two week rotations.

6. Can I get a description of the rotation I am interested in?

7. How many electives/rotations can I participate in at OHSU?

  • Visiting students can participate in a maximum of two-four week electives.

8. I want to make sure a rotation is available before I apply, who should I talk too?

  • Availability of rotations cannot be confirmed by telephone or email.