Student Wellness

Wellness Resources for Medical Students

oneday_084Many medical students struggle to manage the unique demands of medical school. Because medical school can be stressful, a variety of resources are readily available to you. Wellness resources for medical students include professional, confidential counseling; stress and time management; comprehensive student health services; help overcoming substance abuse; fitness courses and facilities, including yoga, swimming and  personal wellness and fitness courses; and special workshops and courses.

Student Health Services

The Joseph B. Trainer Health and Wellness Center provides OHSU students with outpatient care and counseling services. In addition, classes are offered in yoga, sleep solutions, and stress management.

The Student's Guide to Health Insurance at OHSU.  It has valuable information for all students (whether you have the student health insurance or not). 

Wellness Center

Current students may use the March Wellness and Fitness Center as part of their university fees. The center has a pool, class space and fitness equipment.  The center also offers many personal wellness and fitness classes, yoga, tai chi, strength and cardio, cycling, Pilates, taekwondo, zumba, swimming and body sculpt.

OHSU Student Access

Student Access supports the University's mission and value of diversity by providing equal access to its programs and services for students who experience a disability.

Courses & Workshops

Relationship Workshop

Every fall, the SOM hosts a relationship workshop that focuses on maintaining and balancing relationships while juggling the demands of medical school. All MS I and MS II students with their spouses/partners/significant others are invited to attend.  The workshop will be held on December 8, 2015.    2015 Flyer

Student Debt Counseling and Financial Management

Student focused debt counseling and financial management for current students at OHSU. This resource is focused on helping the students at OHSU maintain a healthy balance regarding their fiscal responsibilities. One on One counseling and informational sessions are available. For more information on the program please visit their website.

Activities, Organizations and Committees

Student wellness isn't just about health, it's also about school/life balance.