The Pilar A. Bradshaw M.D. Endowed Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Medicine

The PAB Scholarship is intended to be entirely merit-based and is to be awarded to the top ranked candidate for admission to the OHSU School of Medicine who matriculates at the school. 

Pilar A. Bradshaw, M.D. '95 R '98 is a dedicated believer in the importance of encouraging gifted students to seek their education in the State of Oregon. Although she was admitted to Stanford, Yale and Harvard, both for her undergraduate education and her training as a medical doctor, she chose happily to stay in Oregon. She was a National Merit Scholar and received a Goldwater Scholarship in Math and Science as an undergraduate at the University of Oregon. She graduated summa cum laude and as one of the top inductees to Phi Beta Kappa (Oregon Six) in 1991 as the UO class valedictorian, double majoring in Music and Chemistry. At OHSU, she was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha in her third year as a medical student. Dr. Bradshaw went on to graduate from the OHSU School of Medicine in 1995 as the class valedictorian. She subsequently completed her pediatric residency at OHSU with the rare recognition by the OHSU School of Medicine students as the outstanding resident teacher onDr. Bradshawcampus, both as a first year and as a third year resident. As an undergraduate, medical student, intern, resident and practicing pediatrician, Dr. Bradshaw continued to play violin professionally in the Oregon Bach Festival for 27 years and was a founding member of the Amici Chamber Ensemble.

Dr. Bradshaw’s outstanding education and medical training at OHSU enable her to thrive in diverse settings, from large hospitals to developing an independent practice in which she was able to meet the changing needs of contemporary medicine. During her career as a pediatrician in Eugene, Dr. Bradshaw has dedicated herself to caring for all children as if they were her own. She has become widely known in the medical community for working tirelessly to attract and retain exceptional physicians to her community, to advance healthcare reform and to collaborate with teaching universities to train the next generation of medical professionals. In recognition of the sacred bond she nurtures with each child in her care, Dr. Bradshaw was recognized in 2014 by Parents Magazine as one of seven “Favorite Pediatricians in America” based on nomination letters written by her patient family and selected from more than 57,000 pediatricians in the United States.

Because of her exemplary life, her parents, Drs. Christina M. Holzapfel and William E. Bradshaw chose to honor Dr. Bradshaw by establishing this scholarship. It is the hope of her parents and Dr. Bradshaw that the recipients of this scholarship will pursue their careers with vigor and appreciation for the trust people place in their physicians to provide them with the best care possible.