Mentoring & Advising Program

About the Program

Student Advising

The Career Advising Program in the School of Medicine is designed to assist medical students in developing the knowledge and skills to make good specialty choices. Following the guidelines of the AAMC Careers in Medicine Program, we offer activities and seminars in all four years. I encourage all students to take advantage of these resources offered to them: faculty advisors, residency advisors, student organized Specialty Talks, MedNet sessions and Specialty Interests Groups. 


Summer Opportunities

In December a noon time panel discussion is held for the 1st years to learn about educational opportunities they may take advantage of in the summer between their first and second year.  A panel of second year students will present what they did and suggestions about what others can do. 

For a listing of Summer Activities from Class of 2012 & 2013, go to SAKAI, Medical Curriculum.


Specialty Talks Elective for Classes of 2015 & 2016

Purpose: To assist MS1 and MS2 medical students in learning about different medical specialties.
Overview: 15 one-hour sessions at noon on Thursdays from September through January.
Time: All are from 12:00-1:00pm in RJH Lecture Hall 4320 unless otherwise noted.
Requirements for 1 Elective Credit: Attendance at 12 of the 15 sessions AND submit the following to Nicole Deiorio, MD

  • Session Questionnaire for 12 of the 15 sessions
  • Write-up of two Informational Interviews
  • Careers in Medicine website self-assessment profiles (Medical Specialty Preference Inventory summary graph, the Specialty Indecision Scale and the Physician Values in Practice Scale
  • Final Evaluation form

Additional Specialty talks Course Information



What is MedNet?

MedNet is a program which integrates students from all four years medical school classes into groups consisting of 12-16 students, with three to four students from each class. 2012-2013 dates are Friday, November 16, 2012 and Monday, February 11, 2013.

MedNet is now student run and students may self-assign to small groups through the Medical Curriculum page on Sakai. 

What is the purpose of MedNet?

The purpose of MedNet is to:

1. To discuss issues related to the professional development of a physician. 

2. To discuss issues pertinent to each class and have students share their experiences.

What is the role of the Student Leaders?

Each group will have a 4th year Student Leader to assure leadership in the discussion. The 4th year student communicate with the group about meeting date and time, the the topic of the meeting, and submitting a write-up of the meeting to the Program Director. The 4th year will facilitate the group discussion.


AAMC Careers in Medicine Program

Careers in Medicine is a career planning program through the AAMC designed to help you choose a medical specialty and select and apply to a residency program. The program will guide you through the elements of career planning, including self-understanding, exploring a variety of medical careers, and finally choosing a specialty to meet your career objectives. You can access the Power Point that is presented at the "Meet Your Faculty Advisors Day." 

The program includes a password-protected Web site, printed student manuals, school-sponsored workshops, and advisors. In order to access the program, students must have an access code and register on the site; if you do not already have an access code, please contact Shelley Engle in the Office of Education and Student Affairs at 503 494-5708.