Surgery Sub-Specialty

Teaching Plan


Successful completion of Surgery 720. The Surgical Subspecialty should be taken as a senior; permission to take it as a junior must be obtained from the course director. The Surgical Subspecialty must be done within an established OHSU course.  Away rotations will not be permitted to fulfill this requirement. Two week rotations do not fulfill this requirement. Students must choose a site different from where they did their third year SURG 720 - Surgery I rotation. 

General Objectives:

  • To learn the principles of preoperative and postoperative care through direct involvement with care of patient
  • To observe correlations between the clinical presentation and findings at surgery through direct participation in the operating room
  • To improve skills and efficiency in the care of patients through direct responsibility for patients as an acting intern
  • To improve interactive skills with other health-care professionals by working as an integral member of a surgical team


The student will spend four weeks on a surgical service. 

Courses that fulfill the requrement::

  • OPHT 709A - Advanced Ophthalmology - OHSU
  • ANST 709A - Anesthesiology - OHSU
  • SURG 709L -  Burns/General Surgery - Emanuel Hospital (Closed for 2012-2013)
  • CSUR 709A - Cardiothoracic Surgery - University
  • OTOL 709E - Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • SURG 709S- General Surgery - St. Vincent's Hospital
  • SURG 709B - General Surgery - University (Blue)
  • SURG 709U -General Surgery - University (Green)
  • SURG 709V -General Surgery - VAMC
  • OBGY 709G - Gynecology - Advanced
  • OTOL 709B - Microvascular Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
  • RADD 709F - Multidisciplinary Approach to Pulmonary Disease
  • NSUR 709A - Neurosurgery
  • ORTH 709A - Orthopedics -  Ward
  • OTOL 709A - Otolaryngology - Medical/Surgical
  • JCON 709H - Pediatric Neurosurgery
  • ORTH 709 D - Pediatric Orthopedics - Shriners
  • PSUR 709A - Pediatric Surgery
  • PLAS 709A - Plastic Surgery
  • PLAS 709B - Plastic Surgery - Community (w/Dr Nguyen)
  • PLAS 709V - Plastic Surgery - VAMC (w/Dr Wheatly)
  • SURG 709A - Surgical ICU at OHSU
  • SURG 709VA - Surgical ICU at VAMC
  • SURG 709D - Surgical Oncology - University (Gold)
  • SURG 709E - Trauma Surgery at OHSU
  • SURG 709M - Rural General Surgery - Coos Bay/Grants Pass/Gold Beach/Eugene
  • SURG 709T - Trauma Surgery - Emanuel
  • UROL 709C - Urology
  • SURG 709G - Vascular Surgery - University/VAMC

The student will function as a part of the ward team, taking call no more frequently than every third night. Students will be expected to participate fully in every aspect of the team's activities.

Specific objectives for each rotation are provided for the students at the beginning of the rotation.


NOTE:  The following courses do NOT count towards fulfilling the Surgical Subspecialty requirement:  Community Surgery, Surgical Nutrition, Surgery Preceptorship, Transition to Surgical Internship, Surgery Special Elective,  Surgery Research, Surgery-Away.


Students will be evaluated by the faculty and residents based upon the student's clinical performance including knowledge, skills, and attitudes displayed. There will be no common examination at course end, although services may individually require oral or written examinations, formal presentations, or papers at their discretion.