MD/PhD Program Leadership

Program Director: Dr. David Jacoby, MD, Interim Chair Dept of Medicine

Dr. Jacoby
Dr. Jacoby
Dr. Jacoby has been the director of the OHSU MD/PhD program since 2008. During that time he has overseen a thorough curriculum review, and has made substantial changes to the program including adding MD/PhD specific clerkships. He meets regularly with students on an individual basis and continues his open door mentoring of our students after they've graduated.

Dr. Jacoby has had continuous NIH funding since 1991.  In his lab he mentors students (undergraduate, MD, MD/PhD, and PhD), post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty.  His research is focused on airway innervation and eosinophils. He currently serves as Associate Director for Education and Mentoring and Director of the KL2 Training Program in the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute. As Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care, he was Director of the NIH funded T32 research training program in lung biology from 2008 – 2013.  He is an active clinician in the Medical Intensive Care Unit and on the Pulmonary Consult Service.

Primary duties in the MD/PhD program

  • Serve as leader, liaison with School of Medicine leadership
  • Oversee admission process, make final decisions
  • Develop policy and curriculum
  • Meet with all students individually at least annually

Associate Director: Dr. Daniel Marks, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics

Dr. Marks
Dr. Dan Marks and his Triumph

Dr. Marks served on the MD/PhD committee for 6 years, and is now returning to chair the committee which oversees the admission process. He is an established clinician-investigator with decades of experience leading studies in the neural control of body composition, diabetes, fetal metabolic programming, and appetite regulation. He is a dedicated mentor focused on providing outstanding training to the students in his lab, as well as serving as co-mentor and additional resource for many of our MD/PhD students.Dr. Marks has had continuous NIH funding for twelve years, with ten additional years as an NIH funded trainee. Dr. Marks has published over 70 peer-reviewed publications, as well as numerous chapters and review articles. Primary roles in the program:

  • Chair the MD/PhD committee overseeing the admission process
  • Serves on many Scientific Oversight Committees
  • Assists with development of policy and curriculum

Program Coordinator: Johanna Colgrove, BA

Johanna's blackberry-blueberry pie, summer 2013

Johanna has worked in higher education administration for more than 20 years, and has been at OHSU as the MD/PhD coordinator since 2010. She brings a broad range of skills to the program, which benefit our students: document preparation, editing, grant writing, conflict coaching, networking. Primary roles in the program:

  • Assist with development of curriculum and policy
  • Monitor of student progress
  • Manage admission process in conjunction with MD program from assisting with screening to scheduling interviews
  • Liaison with offices across the campus to solve problems for students
  • Assign peer mentors, and Scientific Oversight Committees
  • Background administration (website, databases, record keeping, etc)
  • Assist with grant preparation, edit application documents for students
  • Answer questions about the program
  • Organize information sessions, MD/PhD journal club, and other MD/PhD events

When not working, Johanna is raising a teenager, volunteering, inviting people over to her house, and cooking for fun. She's most known for her pie. She's always up for talking about food, where to get it, how to cook it.

MD/PhD Committee 2017-18