Admission Information Sessions

We hold monthly information sessions open to anyone interested in joining our MD/PhD program (dates are listed on our homepage). These sessions are set up as a small group meeting, designed to answer a wide range of questions. They take place on a Wednesday at 11am and consist of an hour with the program coordiantor and director to talk about the program, career path, and admission. After the discussion everyone is invited to attend the student led MD/PhD journal club that day.  We schedule these as people ask, email to reserve a spot or ask about the next one. We do limit attendance to about five.

We are also available by email or phone (503-494-1888) to answer individual questions, or we can set up personal appointments.

 Please email the MD/PhD Program coordinator if you would like to attend.

Admission Stages

There are several stages to the MD/PhD admission process. We have many resources to help you at each step along the way.

Stage 1: The application

The MD/PhD program receives its applications through the OHSU MD Admission process. We abide by all MD program requirements.  Their web page describes the process before we receive applications. We receive them after both AMCAS applicaiton and secondary application have been recieved.  

We screen all completed MD/PhD applications and decide who to invite for an interview. We recommend gettingapplications in early.   If we decide not to interview a candidate, the application is screened as normal by the MD program. 

Stage 2: The interview

The interview "Day" is really a day and a half long. It consists of the MD interview MMI, 3 MD/PhD interviews, a faculty researcher interview, plus various interview activities to interact with current students and program leadership.  We have 7 of these between October 1 and March 1. Each interview day has no more than 8 MD/PhD candidates invited, usually we have a full group.

The faculty research interviewer is selected by the program coordinator based on faculty availability and the MD/PhD secondary application. 

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes, interviewees typically find they walk a lot during their interview. 

Stage 3: Waiting

After interviews, candidates are discussed, ranked and then everyone waits until the end of the interview process and selections can be made. Occasionally 2 or 3 exceptional candidates will be offered admission before the last interview day. Candidates can (and should) send occasional emails to let the program coordinator know they're still interested and about any new publications. Some candidates may receive an MD offer before the MD/PhD program can make final decisions.

Stage 4: Acceptance

Finally in early March offers will be made to our top 5 candidates. (We do not make more offers than we have positions.) Depending on the outcomes of those offers, we will make additional offers. Our goal is to make offers as quickly as we can. The MD program will continue making offers as well.

Stage 5: Matriculation

We have support for some applicants who wish to join a lab early and do some research starting in July. Otherwise matriculation is August with the MD program. There is an MD/PhD program BBQ the Sunday before MD Orientation.

And throughout these stages, contacting the MD/PhD program coordinator with questions is a good option.

Transfer admission options

Current OHSU MD and School of Medicine PhD students can apply to transfer into the MD/PhD program. 

OHSU MD students are eligible to apply for transfer in the first two years of medical school. Applications are accepted September 15 through December 1. It's an abbreviated application and interview process. You will need a letter of recommendation from an OHSU researcher. Please contact the MD/PhD program coordinator if you are considering this option to request application forms.

OHSU PhD students may apply to the MD/PhD program in their first two years of graduate school. They will need to complete the full MD/PhD application. They will also need to apply for a waiver from the Graduate Studies program to change programs. If you are interested in this option, please contact the MD/PhD program coordinator prior to application.