Mentor Resources

The Human Investigations Program is designed to facilitate the development of independent clinical investigators.  The mentored experience for HIP trainees is the centerpiece of the program.  The mentored capstone project will lead to an academic product, either an NIH-style grant proposal or a first authored manuscript resulting from a research study that the trainee conducted.  

Mentors are faculty members chosen by the  trainee who have particular skills and resources that are important to the trainees' chosen project and who have agreed to work with the trainee. Mentors for HIP trainees are expected to serve as teacher, coach and role model for the trainee. 

Resources for mentoring

The OCTRI Education Program and the SOM Office of the Dean have worked in collaboration to create a web site with resources for both mentors and mentees and to offer learning opportunities for those interested in learning more about mentoring.  The Career Perspectives Seminars series and Mentoring  Skills workshops are ideal for those who are seeking more information about specific skills for career development and mentoring but have limited time.   The Lead Mentor Program is available for faculty who are serious about pursuing more in depth training in mentoring and who will take responsibility for developing and implementing mentoring programs within their departments and organizations.

Learn more about the Mentoring Program and view a list of seminars and workshops