Training Award Opportunities

OCTRI KL2 Program

The OCTRI KL2 Program provides protected clinical and translational research training for either clinical or research faculty and is administered by the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute's Education Program.  KL2 scholars will participate in a formal training program that includes Master's level didactic education, intensive research experience with incorporation into an interdisciplinary research team, multidisciplinary mentoring, and a broad-abased experiential component.

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TL1 Oregon Students Learn and Explore Research (OSLER Program)

The OSLER program, formerly an NIH T32 award, offers early research experience and mentorship through stipend-funded, short-term (10-12 weeks) and long-term (12 mos) training slots.  The OSLER Program is administered by the Education Program in Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute. These positions are available to students enrolled in a doctoral program at OHSU.  Students will engage in clinical or translational research under the direction of a mentor proposed by the student.  OSLER trainees selected for long-term training slots must enroll in a Master degree program at OHSU such as the Master of Clinical Research or Master of Public Health; tuition is paid by the program.

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