Required Courses/Course Descriptions

Each Graduate Program has individual program requirements and offer specific coursework to meet those unique requirements. Individual program requirements, and course descriptions, are found on the individual program websites.

Basic information you need to know

Full information on the following is available on the OHSU registrar's website

Registration Dates - Academic Calendar

Courses Offered - Course schedules

Tuition & Fees - Tuition and Fee Schedule.

Late Fees - Fee Book, all are non-refundable.

Registering with Student ISIS - How to's and access. (Non-Degree students contact the OHSU registrar directly)

Adding/Dropping a Course - Contact the OHSU Registrar's office directly

Changing Credit/Audit Status - Contact the OHSU Registrar's office directly.

Full-time Status -Matriculated students are considered full-time when they register and pay for nine or more credit hours per quarter. Audit units do not count toward full-time status

Cancellation Policy - The Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine reserves the right to cancel any course due to low enrollment or other scheduling issues

Student Access - Our program is committed to all students achieving their potential. If you have a disability or think you may have a disability (physical, learning, hearing, vision, psychological) which may need a reasonable accommodation please contact Student Access at (503) 494-0082 or e-mail at orchards@ohsu.edu to discuss your needs. You can also find more information at www.ohsu.edu/student-access. Because accommodations can take time to implement, it is important to have this discussion as soon as possible. All information regarding a student’s disability is kept in accordance with relevant state and federal laws.



Questions about registration and Student ID, call the OHSU Registrar at 503-494-7800

Questions about your PIN number, call the OHSU Helpdesk at 503-494-2222

Questions about courses contact your department coordinator

Step 1: Review Your Schedule

Print out your schedule. Identify the classes you wish to register for and note the CRN#. Please be aware that if you register for a variable credit class (e.g. research or thesis), don't forget to select the credit amount by following the Change Class options on the Registration web page.
Graduate Course Schedules

Step 2: Register Online

The Student registration system (SIS Online) is a secure, interactive application that allows you to register online and easily view your student information. Your OHSU student  ID number and a PIN are required. This can also be accessed through your Student Portal

For further information or assistance please refer to the OHSU Registrar's website.