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2017 Oregon Biosciences Incubator Internship Applications are OPEN!

We are excited to announce 8 internships available with local biotechnology companies!

Detailed descriptions of the internships are provided below. To apply for an internship, please submit 1) a letter of intent, 2)  a current CV or Resume, and 3) a letter of support from your PI or program director indicating that they are aware of the hours involved and support your application.

All application materials must be submitted by September 29th. Questions? E-mail .

Madorra Chemical Engineering Research Internship

Madorra Clinical Research Internship

Madorra R&D Research Internship

OBI Bioscience Feature Writer Internship

OBI Biotech Mapping Internship

Sonivate Assistant Principal Investigator Internship

Sympano Research Internship

Virogenomics STTR SBIR Internship

Fellowship Incentive Program

Writing a fellowship proposal this year? Get $300 for your application!

The Office of Graduate Studies is pleased to announce the Fellowship Incentive Program has been extended for the 2017/2018 Fiscal Year! We will provide a monetary incentive for students to apply for individual fellowships funded by extramural agencies or foundations. Graduate students who apply for an individual fellowship that provides stipend support will be awarded $300. For more information, check out the program announcement here.

To qualify for this award, the application must be reviewed prior to submission by the student's program director, who must provide a written letter of support to the Assistant Dean testifying that the application is considered to be competitive. After submission of the grant application, the student will provide a PDF of the application and other supporting documents to graduate studies office. The incentive reward will be authorized when the student provides evidence that the application has been received by the granting agency. The $300 may be awarded only once per student. A total of 40 awards are available during the FY 18 fiscal year.


The Career and Professional Development Center serves you in four key ways:

1) Professional Skill Development: We offering training sessions and resources to help you develop the professional skills you need to succeed as a researcher, including instruction on leadership, presentation skills and writing.

2) Career Planning: It is our goal to help you find rewarding jobs that match your interests, skills, and talents.

3) Individual Development Plans: We will help you complete, evaluate and implement your individual development plan (IDP).  Your IDP will help you explore career possibilities and set goals to follow the career path that fits you best.

4) Student Affairs: We provide counseling for professional development, career planning, and student affairs. 

Contact Information:

Jackie Wirz, PhD |

Mac Hall 4158 | 503.494.3443