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OHSU is a leader in discovery, turning scientific ideas into solutions that change the world. In the past decade, research programs have expanded tremendously at OHSU. These robust programs, and our uniquely collegial and collaborative environment, make OHSU an exciting destination for innovative and dedicated graduate students. We offer outstanding opportunities for graduate studies in the biomedical sciences, public health, physician assistant studies and more.

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Dozens of faculty and research staff from across OHSU showcase the University's discoveries, people and culture - along with a strong dose of Portland panache.

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Quick Facts About Research at OHSU

  • $392 million in funding—approx $325 million from federal government, including $70 million in ARRA stimulus funds  (FY2010)
  • Total ARRA awards $88 million
  • Research funding has increased more than seven-fold since 1990
  • OHSU cancer researchers were the first to develop a successful targeted treatment for cancer: Gleevec, which attacks only the cancer cells and leaves the healthy cells alone
  • We are in the top echelon of NIH funding—$264 million from NIH in FY 2010
  • OHSU is the home of a 12-T magnetic resonance imaging system
Research at OHSU
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