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Alexey V. Danilov, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Admin Unit: The Knight Cancer Institute
Phone: 503-494-8426
Office: BDB523
Cancer Biology
Research Interests:
Preceptor Rotations
Dr. Danilov has not indicated availability for preceptor rotations at this time.
Faculty Mentorship
Dr. Danilov has not indicated availability as a mentor at this time.

Dr Danilov's laboratory investigates mechanisms of drug resistance in B-cell malignancies. Lymph nodes and bone marrow are sites where neoplastic B-cells are exposed to cellular and acellular components of the microenvironment, which deliver pro-survival stimuli. Dr. Danilov’s laboratory has a particular focus on the role of tumor necrosis factor family receptors and nuclear factor-kappaB signaling in this setting, and how this signaling can be targeted. In addition to a variety of in vitro models of the stromal niche, Dr. Danilov’s laboratory models those conditions in vivo. Most recently, his laboratory has identified several promising strategies to inhibit stromal niche support via targeting proteasome-ubiquitin system responsible for protein degradation. Dr. Danilov’s research is highly translational and involves work with primary samples from patients with CLL and lymphoma. Based on laboratory findings, Dr. Danilov's group originates early-phase clinical trials, allowing for verification of laboratory findings in the clinical setting. Dr. Danilov and his group present their work annually at the American Society of Hematology Meeting, as well as at specialty group meetings.


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