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David M. Dilts, Ph.D., M.B.A., CMA

Director of Strategy Alignment, Knight Cancer Inst
Professor of Health Care Management
Removed 4-11-16 Per program Div of Managment
Admin Unit: The Knight Cancer Institute
Phone: 503-418-9649
Office: HRC 40D40
Mail Code: CR145
Healthcare Management
Research Interests:
Management of Research, Strategic Management, Systems Engineering, Process Management, Project Management,
Preceptor Rotations
Dr. Dilts has not indicated availability for preceptor rotations at this time.
Faculty Mentorship
Dr. Dilts has not indicated availability as a mentor at this time.

Research Overview

Dr. Dilts is Director of Strategy Alignment for the Knight Cancer Institute and Professor of Healthcare Management at the Oregon Health & Science University. His academic career has been broad, spanning being a professor of: accounting, engineering, management, management of technology, management science, and optometry at various times. Prior to coming to the Knight, he held a unique joint professorship between the Owen Graduate School of Management and the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, where he was the founding Director of Engineering Management Program and co-director of the Center for Management Research in Healthcare ( This center, supported by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), WebMD, and others, has as its mission the exchange of knowledge between the management research and healthcare to dramatically impact practice of medicine. One research stream, funded by the NCI, applied management principles to significantly reduce the time and steps required to open oncology clinical trials. Another research stream is addressing long standing issues in clinical research, including low accruals to clinical trials, geographic equipoise of clinical research, and strategic focus in oncology research. 

Selected Recent Publications

  1. Dilts DM, Rosenblum D, and Trochim WM, (2012) “A Virtual National Laboratory for Re-Engineering Clinical and Translational Science,” Science Translational Medicine, 4(118) 118cm2 PMID: 22277966.
  2. Massett H, Parreco LK, Padberg RM, Richmond ES, Rienzo, ME, Ryan Leonard CE, Quesenbery W, Killam HW, Johnson, and Dilts DM (2011) “AccrualNet: Addressing low accrual via a knowledge-based, community of practice Platform,” J of Oncology Practice, 7(6): e32-e39 PMID: 22379429.
  3. Kitterman, D, Cheng, S, Dilts, DM, and Orwoll, ES, (2011) “The Prevalence and Economic Impact of Low Enrolling Clinical Studies at an Academic Medical Center”, Academic Medicine 86(11): 1360-66. PMID: 21952064
  4. Cheng S, Dietrich M, Dilts DM (2011) “Predicting Accrual Achievement: Monitoring Accrual Milestones of NCI-CTEP Sponsored Clinical Trials,” Clin Cancer Res. 17: 1947-55.  PMID: 21447723
  5. Dilts DM, Cheng S, Crites JS, Sander AB, Doroshow J, (2010) “Phase III Clinical Trial Development: A Process of Chutes & Ladders” Clin Cancer Res. 16(22): 5381-89. PMID: 21062928
  6. Cheng S, Dietrich M, Dilts DM (2010) “A Sense of Urgency: Evaluating the Link Between Clinical Trial Development Time and the Accrual Performance of CTEP-Sponsored Studies,” Clin Cancer Res, 16(22): 5557-63. PMID: 21062929