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Paul J. Cordo, Ph.D.

Admin Unit: SOM-Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests:
movement motor control proprioception kinesiology somatosensory coordination humans stroke traumatic brain injury; systems » PubMed Listing
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Dr. Cordo has not indicated availability for preceptor rotations at this time.
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Dr. Cordo has not indicated availability as a mentor at this time.

Summary of Current Research

Coordinated muscular contraction and movement is one of the primary functions of the central nervous system (CNS). Sensory information from several sensory systems is integrated with learned motor patterns to guide the limbs, head and trunk through space. The research carried out in my laboratory focuses on how the kinematics of movement are represented in sensory input and how this input is used by the CNS to coordinate muscle contraction. Accordingly, the experimental techniques employed in our studies include electrophysiology at the single neuron level, stimulution of sensory receptors with vibration, biomechanics and motor behavior--all carried out with human subjects. Most research carried out in my laboratory is basic, i.e., investigating sensorimotor control mechanisms, although a portion of our effort is focused on related areas of clinical research (e.g., stroke rehabilitation).

Recent Publications


  • Ph.D., State University of New York Upstate Medical Center, 1979

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