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Jacob Raber, Ph.D.

Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience; Professor, Department of Neurology
Affiliate Scientist, Division of Neuroscience, ONPRC
Professor of Radiation Medicine
Admin Unit: SOM-Behavioral Neuroscience Department
Phone: 503 494-1524
Lab Phone: 503 494-1431
Fax: 503 494-6877
Office: MRB708
Mail Code: L470
Behavioral Neuroscience
Neuroscience Graduate Program
Cancer Biology
Research Interests:
Aging, Alzheimer's Disease, Androgen Receptor, Sex Differences, Histamine, apoE, Methamphetamine, Irradiation, Neurogenesis, Cognitive Function, Behavioral, circadian, high fat diet-induced cognitive impairments » PubMed Listing
Preceptor Rotations
Academic Term Available Winter 2014 Yes Spring 2014 Yes Fall 2015 Yes Summer 2015 Yes Fall 2014 Yes Spring 2015 Yes Winter 2015 Yes Summer 2016 Yes Fall 2016 Yes Winter 2016 Yes Spring 2016 Yes Summer 2017 Yes Fall 2017 Yes Winter 2017 Yes Spring 2017 Yes
Faculty Mentorship
Dr. Raber is available as a mentor for 2016-2017. Dr. Raber is available as a mentor for 2013-2014. Dr. Raber is available as a mentor for 2014-2015. Dr. Raber is available as a mentor for 2015-2016.

Summary of Current Research  

Our research focuses on effects of genetic factors, such as apoE, and environmental factors on brain structure and function in experimental mouse models of human neurological diseases. Based on what we learn in the mouse models, we try to develop tests and treatment strategies to improve brain function in humans suffering from these diseases. Routinely, we use a combination of behavioral, neuroendocrinological, pharmacological, neurochemical, immunohistochemical, cellular, and molecular approaches.    

We developed humanized versions of the mouse object recognition and spatial navigation tests and assess whether they are sensitive to detect effects of sex and apoE4 on cognition in health and disease. These tests might be valuable in identifying biomarkers of cognitive function and susceptibility to cognitive impairments.  

Recent Publications 

Siegel, J.S., Park, B., Raber, J. (2011) Methamphetamine exposure during brain development alters the brain acetylcholine system in adolescent mice. Journal of Neurochemistry, 119, 89-99.

Haley, G.E., McGuire, A., Berteau-Pavy, D., Weiss, A., Patel, R., Messaoudi, I., Urbanski, H.F., Raber, J. (2011) Measures of Anxiety, Amygdala Volumes, and Hippocampal Scopolamine phMRI Response in Elderly Female Rhesus Macaques. Neuropharmacology (Special Issue on anxiety and depression), 62, 385-390. PMCID: PMC3195963

Sandau, U.S., Alderman, Z., Corfas, G., Ojeda, S.R., Raber, J. (2012) Astrocyte-specific disruption of SynCAM1 signaling results in ADHD-like behavioral manifestations. PLoS ONE, 7(4): e36424. PMCID: PMC3340339.

Davis, M.J., Iancu, O.D., Acher, F., Stewart, B.M., Eiwaz, M.A., Duvoisin, R.M., Raber, J. (2012) Role of mGluR4 in acquisition of fear learning and memory. Neuropharmacology (Special mGluR issue), 66:365-72. PMCID: 3508079 [Available 2014/3/1]

Olsen, R., Agam, M., Davis, M.J.; Raber, J. (2012) ApoE Isoform-Dependent Deficits in Extinction of Contextual Fear Conditioning Genes, Brain, and Behavior, 7, 806-812. PMCID: PMC3642038 [Available 2013/10/1]

Dayger, C.A., Rosenberg, J.S., Winkler, C., Foster, S., Witkowski, E., Benice, T.S., Sherman, L.S., Raber, J. (2012) Paradoxical effects of apolipoprotein E on cognitive function and clinical progression in mice with experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, 103(4):860-8

Villasana, L., Dayger, C., Raber, J. (2012) Dose- and apoE isoform-dependent cognitive injury following cranial 56Fe irradiation in female mice. Radiation Research, 179(4):493-500.

Haley, G.E., Yeiser, L., Olsen, R., Davis, M.J., Johnson, L.A., Raber, J. (2013) Early effects of whole body 56Fe irradiation on hippocampal function in C57BL/6J mice. Radiation Research, 179, 590-596.

Olsen, R.H.J., Johnson, L.A., Zuloaga, D.G., Limoli, C., Raber, J. (2013) Enhanced hippocampus-dependent memory and reduced anxiety in mice over-expressing human catalase in mitochondria. Journal of Neurochemistry, in press

Zuloaga, D.G., Siegel, J.A., Acevedo, S.F., Agam, M,, Raber, J. (2013) Developmental methamphetamine exposure results in short- and long-term alterations in hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis-associated proteins. Develomental Neuroscience, in press


  • Ph.D., 1991, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

  • M.Sc., 1986, Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

  • B.Sc., 1983, Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands  

Previous Positions       

  • 1991-1995 Postdoctoral Researcher, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA.       

  • 1996-1998 Staff Research Investigator, Gladstone Molecular Neurobiology Program, San Francisco, CA; Adjunct Instructor of Neurology, University of California, San Francisco, California.       

  • 1998-2000 Staff Research Scientist I, Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease, San Francisco, CA.   

  • 2000-2001 Staff Research Scientist II, Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease, San Francisco, CA. 

  • 1998-2001 Assistant Adjunct Professor of Neurology, University of California, San Francisco, CA. 

Non-Academic Interest