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Bruce E. Magun, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair
Admin Unit: SOM-Cell, Developmental & Cancer Biology Department
Phone: 503-494-7811
Lab Phone: 503-494-5658
Fax: 503-494-4253
Office: BSAC 5502
Mail Code: L215
Cell & Developmental Biology
Program in Molecular & Cellular Biosciences
Cancer Biology
Research Interests:
signal transduction toxicology gene transcription inflammation growth factors receptors kinases medical » PubMed Listing
Preceptor Rotations
Dr. Magun has not indicated availability for preceptor rotations at this time.
Faculty Mentorship
Dr. Magun has not indicated availability as a mentor at this time.


Tufts University, Medford, Mass., B.S. 1965 (Biology)

Tufts University, Medford, Mass., Ph.D. 1969 (Anatomy)

Research Interests

My major fields of interest involve cellular mechanisms of inflammatory signaling cascades that control the responses to environmental toxic agents.In some studies, the laboratory investigates how proinflammatory signals (cytokines, toxins, and other stressors) interact with surface receptors to activate the stress-activated protein kinases and NF-kappaB and how activation of these pathways leads to transcriptional regulation of genes. Some projects involve the effects of ricin, a potential bioterrorist agent, on activating proinflammatory pathways in vitro and in mouse models.In other studies we are investigating the mechanisms that control the responses keratinocytes to environmental agents such as ultraviolet radiation and xenobiotic toxic agents.