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R. Michael. Liskay, PhD

Director of Graduate Studies, Molecular and Medical Genetics
Admin Unit: SOM-Molecular & Medical Genetics Department
Phone: 503 494 3475
Office: RJH 4598
Mail Code: L103
Molecular & Medical Genetics
Program in Molecular & Cellular Biosciences
Research Interests:
Intestinal cancer, mouse models
Preceptor Rotations
Dr. Liskay has not indicated availability for preceptor rotations at this time.
Faculty Mentorship
Dr. Liskay has not indicated availability as a mentor at this time.

Recent Publications

Fischer, J.M., Miller, A.J., Shibata, D and R.M. Liskay. Different Phenotypic Consequences of  Simultaneous Versus Stepwise Apc Loss. Oncogene, in press (2011).

Johnson, JR, Dudley, SS, Wheeler, LJ Mathews, CK, and R. Michael Liskay. Unexpected Consequences of  Deoxycytidylate Deaminase Deficiency in Mammalian Cells. DNA Repair, 9: 1209-1213 (2010).

van de Vrugt, H.J., Eaton, L., Hanlon-Newell, A., Al-Dhalimy, M., Liskay, R.M., Olson, S.B., and M. Grompe. Embryonic lethality after combined inactivation of Fancd2 and Mlh1 in mice. Cancer Research, 69:9439-9447(2009).

Miller, A.J., Dudley, S.D., Tsao, J.-L., Shibata, D. and R.M. Liskay.  Tractable Cre-lox system for stochastic alteration of genes in mice.  Nature Methods 5: 227-229 (2008).

Liskay R.M., Wheeler, L.J., Mathews, C.K. and N. Erdeniz. Involvement of deoxycytidylate deaminase in the response to Sn1-type methylation DNA damage in budding yeast. Current Biology, 17: R755-R757 (2007).

Tran, P.T., Fey, J.P., Erdeniz, N., Gellon, L., Boiteux, S. and R.M. Liskay.  A mutation in EXO1 defines separable roles in DNA mismatch repair and post-replication repair.  DNA Repair, 6:1572-1583  (2007).

Erdeniz, E., Nguyen, M., Deschenes, S.M. and R.M. Liskay.  Mutations affecting a putative MutLa endonuclease motif impact multiple mismatch repair functions. DNA Repair, 6: 1463-1470  (2007).

Deschenes, S.M., Tomer, G., Nguyen, M., Erdeniz, N., Juba, N.C., Sepulveda, N., Pisani, J.E., and R. M. Liskay.  The E705K mutation in hPMS2 exerts recessive, not dominant, effects on DNA mismatch repair.  Cancer Letters 249: 148-156 (2007).

Hegan, D.C., Narayanan, L. Jirik, F.R. Edelmann, W. Liskay, R.M.  and P.M. Glazer.  Differing patterns of genetic instability in mice deficient in the mismatch repair genes Pms2, Mlh1, Msh2, Msh3, and Msh6.  Carcinogenesis 27: 24022408 (2006).

Gibson S.L., Narayanan L., Hegan D.C., Buermeyer A.B., Liskay R.M., Glazer P.M. Over-expression of the DNA mismatch repair factor, PMS2, confers hypermutability and DNA damage tolerance.  Cancer Letters 244: 195-202 (2006).