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Kirsten J. Lampi, M.S., Ph.D.

Admin Unit: School of Dentistry (all departments)
Phone: 503-494-8620
Lab Phone: 503-494-8624
Fax: 503-494-8554
Office: Dental School 818
Mail Code: DS-818
Research Interests:
cataracts, protein structure/ function, proteomics, high resolution mass spectrometry, multiangle laser light scattering, biophysical properties of lens proteins; molecular; hydrogen deuterium exchange with mass spectrometry » PubMed Listing
Preceptor Rotations
Dr. Lampi has not indicated availability for preceptor rotations at this time.
Faculty Mentorship
Dr. Lampi is not available as a mentor for 2016-2017.

Summary of Current Research: Structure/ function of the proteins in the lens of the eye. How modifications identified by proteomics during aging and cataracts lead to aggregation of these proteins called crystallins.

Recent Publications: 

Takata, T, Oxford, JT, Demeler, B, Lampi, KJ. Deamidation destabilizes and triggers aggregation of a lens protein, bA3-crystallin. Prot. Sci. 17, 1565-75 (2008).


Takata, T, Woodbury, L.G. and Lampi, KJ. Deamidation alters interactions of b-Crystallins in hetero-oligomers. Mol. Vis. 15, 241-249 (2009).

Wilmarth, P., David, L.L. Lampi, K.J.Normal age-related changes- crystallin modifications, lens hardening. In: Darlene A. Dartt, editor. Encyclopedia of the Eye, Vol 3. Oxford: Academic Press; 2010. pp.161-166.

Michiel, M, Duprat, E, Skouri-Panet, F, Lampi, J.A., Tardieu, A, Lampi, KJ., Finet, S.Aggregation of deamidated bB2-crystallin and incomplete rescue by a-chaperone. Exp. Eye Res. 90, 688-98 (2010).

Takata, T., Smith, J.P., Arbogast, B., David, L.L., and Lampi K.J.  Solvent accessibility of betaB2-crystallin and local structural changes due to deamidation at the dimer interface.  Exp. Eye Res. 91:336-346, 2010 (PMID: 20639133).

Fort P.E., Lampi K.J., New focus on alpha-crystallins in retinal neurodegenerative diseases. Exp Eye Res. 2011 Feb;92(2):98-103. Epub 2010 Nov 27. Review. 

Education: Post-doctoral Fellowship 1994, Kansas University Medical Center; Ph.D. 1993 OHSU, Biochemistry Molecular Biology; M.S. 1986, Colorado State University, Human Nutrition; B.A. 1984, Linfield College, Chemistry

Non-Academic Interests: Skiing and Hiking and Ethiopia